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1. Is it safe to use a laptop for more than the battery back up? Like 6hours on AC power (without a lot of CPu-intensive processes)
2. Is it safe to travel with the battery in the laptop? cause the HP guy said that I shouldnt
Im using an HP dv4 2126 tx
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  1. 1. Yes. If you use your notebook on AC power for an extended time (days), consider removing the battery.

    2. Yes.
  2. how about something like 6-7 hours, plugged in, with an external cooler pad?
  3. You can have a laptop on 24/7 if you'd like.
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    Unless you are playing games, you generally do not need a cooling pad. If you think it runs hot just in general usage, then sure a cooling pad could help.

    When, plugged in, it is always a good idea to remove the battery, unless you are charging it. When the battery is fully charged, then remove it. Overcharging a battery can lower decrease lifespan even though there is circuitry to prevent overcharge.

    Most people traveling around with a laptop also have the battery attached. Can't think of a reason why it should be removed.
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  6. I needed the cooling pad because the surface of the table on which I keep my laptop is laminated and doesnt disipate heat.
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