Carmack blasts nVidia as cheaters

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"Rewriting shaders behind an application's back in a way that changes the output under non-controlled circumstances is absolutely, positively wrong and indefensible.

nVidia blasted by THE king of the PC graphics industry.
Won't be long before they need to be honest.

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  1. Isn't he linking up with nVidia on Doom 3 in some way?
  2. I can't add the link to my sig. Damn the restrictions...

    <b>Is Nvidia cheating?</b>

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  3. I dunno...didn't really look like a blast to me if you read the whole piece....

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  4. hey dhlucke you can add CoolSquirtle says NO under Is Nvidia cheating lol joke joke~~~~

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  5. not really a blast, but he probably has to watch his words sinse hes read so closely (as we are doing now)


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  6. Nvidia has been convicted by a jury of it's peers
  7. nice yah haha


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  8. True, but the first line says it all IMO. Did nVidia do such?
    Yes. Therefore, they did a wrong thing.

    I wish Carmack would have really done it loud though, but yeah, he has to watch his words.

    If I could see the Matrix, I'd tell you I am only seeing 0s inside your head! :tongue:
  9. Perhaps you didn't read the whole article...
    In my opinion, as long as they include a driver option to disable any optimizations and thus, ensure that reviewers are able to make fair comparisons between products, Nvidia's actions are perfectly justifiable.

    I know that what nVidia did was cheating, but let's not forget that ATI (and any other manufacturer) have been caught cheating once or twice before.
    Also, Carmack never said "nVidia is cheating", so I think that this post is a little extreme.

    nVidia will certainly have to win back our trust, but I know that a lot of ATI boys out there have already labelled nVidia as the scum of the earth (but I bet that they once had nVidia cards that they were very happy with).
    Long post short, let's see what nVidia can do next and let's keep an open mind (i.e. don't do something stupid like ban nVidia products and turn ATI into the next Micro$oft...)

    For some this article was about Carmack blasting nVidia, and for some it was Carmack talking about the different products and the way they decide to do things. I'm just saying that a lot of ppl had already made their mind up before even reading the article.
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