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I don't know what the heck just happened. I just got a ati radeon 9500 pro to replace my radeon 8500LE, which was to go in my kids computer. I installed the 9500, and I got nothing. The computer wouldn't boot or anything. When I turned the power on, the hard drive light comes on and the CD drive light is on and I hear a very faint clicking noise that I didn't notice before. That's as far as I get, nothing on the screen. So I tried to put the 8500LE back in and I get the same thing with that too now. Arrrgggghhh!!!! What gives? It's very hard to tell the exact source of the clicking because it's so faint.

My system:

P4 2.4 400mhz bus
Intel D850EMV2 motherboard
512 MB PC 800 Rambus
Antec 350watt power supply
regular CD drive
Samsung CD RW drive

Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
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  1. Not to sound critical or nothing, but did you plug the external power line into your 9500? I know the 9500 requires the extra power. I believe it is the same cord that plugs into your floppy drive. As for plugging the 8500 back in, don't know. hopefully someone else at this forum can help you there
  2. Thanks for the reply s-duck. Yup, plugged the extra power cord in exactly like the instructions said. Still pulling my hair out! I guess I'm going to start swapping out components from my other computer to see what works and what doesn't. I still can't understand why the original card won't work unless the 9500pro fried something on the motherboard. Any other ideas anyone?
  3. It could be compatibility issue. If it cannot even boot up and your monitor is showing nothing, that is most probably compatibility.

    Or else, your power supply is not adequate. Is it any less than 350W?
  4. It could be compatibility issue. If it cannot even boot up and your monitor is showing nothing, that is most probably compatibility.

    Or else, your power supply is not adequate. Is it any less than 350W? 400W should be the best.
  5. hmmm.
    The fact that it still happens when you put your old card back in suggest that something has been damaged (hopefully not) or some setting needs to be reinstalled.
    also check that your card is fully in the slot. (some have slot clips to keep the card down)

    You should try completely turning off the power and clearing the bios then restarting.

    A bit of info that may or maynot be useful:
    2 weeks ago i upgraded from a gesuck2pro to a R9700pro. But i couldnt get it to boot properly.
    Turns out i needed a bios flash upgrade to boot sucessfully. Have you flashed your bios too?

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  6. I agree 400w would be better, but I think ati's recommendation for the 9500pro was a minimum of 300w, so I thought I would be alright with my 350w power supply. It also still doesn't explain why my original card won't work now. My 8500LE worked just fine before, never had a problem. Now NOTHING! My 'puter is muerto.
  7. Thanks LGHPooBaa -Well the card was fully in the slot. Flashing the BIOS is a good idea. But how do you clear the bios when you can't even see the screen? I can't even get it to the intel board screen. Nothing but a hard drive light and the CD drive light on. The CD drive won't even open. If something has been damaged, what is the most likely candidate? The motherboard? If I could just determine what was damaged then I could replace it and be back in business. Is it safe to assume that the power supply is OK if it appears the hard drive and cd drive are trying to run and the motherboard lights are on?
  8. Well to REALLY clear the bios you power the machine completely down, move the clear cmos jumper, remove the bios battery and leave it for a minute, reverse the process and startup again.
    Praying that it works.

    You might also want to check around the AGP socket for any signs of damage... look for bent or broken capacitors or scratches. There is a chance you inadvently damaged the mobo :(.

    PSU is 99% likely to be ok. And the chance that you damaged both cards so they dont work the same way is pretty unlikely to say the least.

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  9. I'm going into uncharted waters here. If I clear the BIOS and it's successful, what happens then? Does everything in the BIOS go back to its default settings? How does that work? Please hold this noob's hand.

    Also checked all around the AGP slot and everything looks good as far as I can tell. Thanks again for the suggestions, I really appreciate them!
  10. When you clear the BIOS all settings are set back to factory defaults. So when you boot up the first time you may have to adjust the FSB back up to 133 or whatever and set the hard drives to auto detect. You also may have to reset the time when you hopefully get to windows.
  11. OK PooBaa, did what you said and... no luck. Still the same thing, just the ever-present hard drive light and master cd light both on, and blank screen. The only thing that was different was that before I had to use the switch on the front of the computer to turn it on, now it comes on when I turn the power strip on. What should my next step be? Is my motherboard toast? If that is my next step, what would be a good motherboard to get? ($100-$150 range)
  12. hmmm. doesnt look good.
    Another trick you can try which i learnt...
    Turn on the PC, and while things are still powering up firmly press the reset button.

    Cauz for some reason my motherboard occasionally freezes during initialisation, and the reset clears it.

    A long shot i know, but we are running out of options.

    Did you check for any motherboard damage?

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  13. Before you give up on the mobo, do a bare boot. Take the mobo out of the case, and take everything off. Put the cpu and hsf back on.Put the board on an insulated surface and connect the power and the power switch only from the case. Use a single stick of ram, and a video card.See if it will boot. If not, change the stick of ram and its socket. Try again. Still no show, try a diferent video card. If that doesn't work, see if you can find an old pci video card to try. If the last one does the trick you may be able to find someone to fix the agp socket. Good luck
  14. I don't see any motherboard damage (but that doesn't mean it isn't there) and I tried the reset button. I still get the same thing. Guess I'm gonna start pulling parts and testing them on my other pc to make sure everything else still works. Thanks for the help.
  15. everyone greatest fear come to life

    i almost soiled my pants when i was installing a new Volcano7 fan last week.. the clips on the heatsink are very small and rigid, so I had to put ALOT of wieght on teh thing to get it to snap down over the clip. as i was pressing the PCB was bending... [-peep-] this cant be good.. but what am i supposed to do? i put a plastic separator just behind the mobo where the cpu is and the case for more support... tryed again, and just as it snapped into place i heard a quite audiable "crack"... i just BOUGHT this motherboard .......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo...

    but it booted. i hope i never have to take that HSF off, it was a nightmare.


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