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My laptop were stolen, I've already reported it to the police station soon after I noticed my laptop are gone. The finger print also already taken by the police officer. But I am really disappointing that they don't even bother to do they job. My lappy I just bought last november, and it is brand new. is there any idea how I can track it?
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  1. you have to set up tracking software beforehand, of-course gps tracking is even better but still had to install it before.

    Depending on where you live and who stole it, visit your local pawn shops or any place that buys used items to resell. browse for sale sites like Craigslist, in your area
    I hope that you registered laptop with serial number or wrote them down because if you find laptop you have to prove that it is yours. Good luck
  2. Hmmm. SInce it is already stolen only Police can help you. But as a general measure people can use softwares to tack them. Tracking stolen laptop and knowing its whereabouts may give a chance to recover it. You can use some of the free softwares to track laptops as well as phones. You need to install it on your device... Read more about how to do this in the below article.
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