9500pro or gf4 4800 se Ti

I need your opinion about these cards, I am going to buy one in a phew days. thanx

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  1. What prices are you looking at for each card?

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  2. The price of these cards is about 200$, I don't want to give more than that for a VGA card.
  3. Definately go for the Readeon 9500 pro it out classes that GF4Ti4800se (Actually a Ti4400 8X) in image quality and AA AS. Keep in mind that the readon also support dx9 while the GF4 doesn't.
  4. ra5555 knows what he's talking about. If the gf4 were substantially cheaper, I'd say go ahead with it, but at the same price the Radeon will be considerably more valuable (now and) in the future. Definitely reccomend ATI.

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  5. I was looking at the same decision yesterday and ended up with the 9600pro due mainly to the unavailability of the 9500pro. I'm not entirely unhappy with the outcome as the 0.13 um technology consumes less power and it runs cooler. Given I'm not a big gamer so a little less game performance is OK.

    The artical's link is: http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1812

    Although is starts out as a comparison of the 9600pro and the FX 5600 it gegenerates into a shootout between the 9500pro and the Ti 4600. Given the price difference between the 4600 & 9500pro or 9600pro it was an easy decision.

    The 4800 I looked at yesterday was slightly less expensive than the 9600pro but given it's performance is expected to be margionally better than the 4200 I think I ended up in the right spot.

  6. Buy R9500 Pro

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  7. Some consideration should be given to what card you have now. To change format (Ati to nvidia or nvidia to ati)usually requires a clean install. This can be a problem. Personnally I believe that it is worth it if you are going to the Radeon because it is starting to look like Ati is the wave of the future. Just the same, you should consider this in any video card purchase
  8. Well, now I have ASUS GeForce 2 GTS 32mb, and I am (was) ;-) very satisfied with it. Today this card is old, and I need something better. Games are very hungry today so my GF2 GTS can't make it anymore. I know that 9500pro is dx 9 compatible, and that 9500pro is faster card in some (almost every) tests. Yesterday I saw a test in wich GF4 4800 se is better than 9500pro. What to believe?

    Many of you wrote that 9500pro should be my choice, so there goes my 200$. :-) ( BUILD BY ATI!!!!!!!!!) - I think this is important, and can dramaticly increase/decrease my frame rate...
    I should reinstall my windows when I buy it...? probably so
  9. I saw the tests on that page you wrote. NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 was better in some tests there, and when we talk about AA and AS, the Radeon is the winner. Are you still telling me to buy radeon? (The price is the same!)

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  10. What you have to note here is, OK... when the Ti4600 beats the radeon without AA or AF, both deliver framerates that are really really high. When your framerates are above 100 FPS, what does it matter which is faster? You can't see a difference anyway.

    BUT... when you put on antialiassing and anistropic filtering, framerates are alot lower, and you can definitely see the speed difference that the 9500 PRO affords over the 4600.

    the 9500 PRO is the way to go, man.
  11. Note;
    That is a Ti-4600 not a Ti-4800. The Ti-4800 will perform a little better than the Ti-4200 (AGP 8X vs. 4X). These numbers will make your head spin. As I understand it the Ti-4600 is > $250. The 9600pro is ~$185, and the 9500pro is about the same if you can find it. If you can pick up the Ti-4600 at or below the price of the ATI cards you should consider it. But as the artical states the Ti-4600 does not support some dx9 features that may bring the performance down on newer games. I don't game enough to know how likely that is.

  12. Cleeve is right, all the tests where GF4 was better, frame rates were above 100. I have Athlon XP 2200+ with 1Gb Ram, so I think that Radeon is my final decision. Again, Ati won. :-)
  13. You made the right decision. Please remember to do a clean os install or you'll be back asking why you have all these problems. Enjoy the graphics.
  14. [-peep-]. While I was deciding wich card to buy, Ati Radeon 9500pro is not available anymore.... (build by ati)
    Now I must decide between: Ati Radeon 9600pro (128DDR) (build by ati) and Sapphire ATI Radeon 9500pro. (128DDR)
    HELP, fast as you can....
  15. I'll say the 9500Pro. The Ti4800 is slower then the Ti4600, in most instances.
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