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I have a Panasonic PV-GS19 min dv camera, and Windows 7 64 bit. My new ASUS laptop will not recognize the camera at all. No firewire port, so plugged into USB. Panasonic Tech support says to use a 3rd party driver or software. But I cannot find any. I only used the camera a few times. Do I need to throw away??
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  1. do you have tha disk that came with the camera, if you do install the program and right click on the icon and select Troubleshoot Compatability, it(the software) will run in XP mode
  2. I see that it has av output, hopefully you still have the cable for it.
    This can be used to record back to your laptop via a usb av recording adptor like the Belkin:
    this will show you what to look for.
    I think you can get a bit more life out of your Panasonic. It's about 5 years old so I can't see them supplying new drivers and software when they want you to get a new one.
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