which graphic card is best for me

i'm want to buy a graphic card ,but no idea which card is good.
Mostly,i use my computer for graphic design such as 3D studio Max, Flash, Photoshop
and also play some 3d game
so which one is gd?any suggest?
thx a lots
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  1. It's all good, but how much you got to spend?
  2. The best cards for their price ranges are (from cheapest to most expensive):

    Radeon 8500/9100
    Geforce4 Ti4200
    Radeon 9500 PRO
    Radeon 9700
    Radeon 9700 PRO
    Radeon 9800/ Geforce FX 5900 (tied for first place)


    - Cleeve
  3. teh 9800 seems kinda much for "playing some 3d games"

    its the best available right now, and very expensive


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  4. Maybe so, but this is my cut-and-paste response to the "Which card is best" question.

    Are you suggesting I take the time to edit it for EACH RECIPIENT!!!???

    Good sweet god, man! I have a job and a family. How much time do you think I have?

    Also, the fellow not mention price... so if he's uber-rich, who am I to disqualify him for such a fine piece of hardware?
  5. Id say the Radeon 9500 pro or the Geforce FX 5600 or the 5200 would work finr.
  6. I dunno... image quality isn't the best with Nvidia cards. And the 5200 has a well deserved bad rep, plain and simple.

    For photoshop work.. hell, any production work... you're better off with an Ati card. Image quality is noticably better, to be sure.
  7. the 5200 is MARKETING BULLCRAP. its substantially slower than the video card its meant to replace, the Ti4200. ANY time someone suddgests the 5200 im going to hang them

    the 5200ultra performs o.k. BUT, its about the same price as a 9500 and performs WORSE!! my god the GFFX line is laughable sometimes

    ATI is guilty also, specifically for taking a certain card and renaming it IE:


    but at least ATI cards perform better than the preceeding generation

    if you wann spend 100-200 bucks then i recommend an 8500 or TI4200. any more, then i sudgest a 9500pro if you can find one (beautiful cards, best value in a long time) or the 9600pro which is also an excellent card.

    if you wanna spend slightly more, theh 9700nonpro is a VERY fast card and its also at a good price point. i wont sudgest a 5600ultra because it costs as much as a 9700pro. the 9700pro is a step up big time. the 5600regular is about the same price if not more than a 9600pro and performs noticable worse


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  8. i think i will spend around $200 US for buy the card
    so any suggestion
  9. $200? That makes it easy.

    Look for a Radeon 9700 Non-pro.
  10. hope u don't mind i ask u one more question
    which brand is better,if i choice Radeon 9700 Non-pro?
    thx a lots
  11. Yes the Radeon 9700 is recommended from everything/all the reviews and tests I've read, if that's your price range.
  12. i agree with cleeve. the 9700 non pro is a freaking fast godddam card, 3 clases above teh TI4200 (well 2 classes lol)

    you wont be disapointed i dont think. unles you like bad image quality, in which case you should go with Nvidia :)


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