Gaming laptop or not?

HI all
My question is simple. Can a gaming laptop offer the same experience in gaming as a desktop.? If yes, which one?
I want portable gaming with with latest games in high settings, durability, and connect it to an HDTV for when I'm home.

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  1. The very best laptop graphics cards come in at around the performance of a 6870.,3118.html

    It'll definitely cost you, though. You'll get high settings in today's games (not ultra), but you may pay $2000+.
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  3. Please elaborate.
  4. :) After following some links from laptop known manufacturers I will answer my self, YES it can BUT as long as it costs about 3000 and will have the performance of a desktop half the price, for ex in a large expensive HDTV (Cause In my opinion any 22' or above pc monitor is better than all laptop monitors, I meant no comparison b/w monitors, just raw power).

    If anyone sees this, happy to have any comment.. :)
  5. It just depends how much you think portability is worth. In my life, I rarely have hours (long enough to do real gaming) to kill when I'm not at home.
  6. Hi :)

    The honest answer is that for high end gaming NO LAPTOP will even come close to a gaming PC....and for LESS THAN £2000 TO £3000 you are miles away from a gaming PC...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Seriously, the best laptops will be around the level of a 6850. That's not a top-of-the-line gaming rig, but it's certainly a "gaming PC".
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