8x, 4x AGP?? S-Video out on my Geforce.

Ok, i would like to buy a new vid card but i my mobo only supports 4x AGP (ECS K7S5A) will a newer 8x AGP card work?, are they backwards compatible?? please help!! also on my current video card (Geforce 2 TI) I have a s-video out port but when i connect to my tv it acts like its out of resolution. (you know when you put your moniter at a resolution like 1024x768 but you monitor only supports up to 800x600? thats how my tv acts when i use s-video) and it is in black and white. i have all the latest drivers from nvidia. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yes an AGP8x card will be backwards compatable.
    As for your tv, im gonna take a guess and say you got a crappy cable, either that or the svideo out on ur card is messed. Youll see when u get ur new card.
    I had black and white output too, and sometimes it was staticy and stuff, but it was the cable:(

    Mother did it need to be so high?

    Long live ATI.
  2. Lol....I have a 9500Pro stuck in a K7S5A....It'll work.

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  3. thanks, you have solved my problems!

  4. You are probably running your TV-Out at 50Hz PAL standard instead of 60Hz NTSC standard (if you're in American, vice versa if you're in Europe). That is exactly what you would expect to see under those conditions. You can change mode in the driver.

    Unfortunately you're probably not even wanting to hear that, so go buy your AGP8x card, it will most likely work, they are backwards compatable.

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