Stay Away from the PowerColor Radeon 9700np?

Someone told me to stay away from the PowerColor Radeon 9700np card. Why is that? I want to buy this card because it is the least expensive.
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  1. Power Colour make their card with cheap and lower grade memory chip, and clock them slower. That's why they sell them cheaper.

    It is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money
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  2. Yeah, so do as you were told and stay away from them.
    FIC is ok though, and sometimes a bit cheaper than ATI.
    Sapphire is OK SOMETIMES, just keep your eyes open and dont be afraid to ask questions.

    Long live ATI.
  3. Some people recommend PowerColor, they seem to be just the same as any other ATI equiveilent boards.

    There is a good review of one on another site too...
  4. What they said above used to be true. They might have changed. Just make sure that anytime you buy a card it has the correct memory. Don't get a slower card thinking it's the real thing.

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  5. Yes thanks, but a 9700 Pro should be a 9700 Pro... I'll double check.
  6. The Powercolor 9700np at has a slower memory on it, I think. But I read the review and lots of people seem to like it. I found one cost $209 at another site, or should I go ahead and buy the Sapphire one that cost $245.

    Well check this site out - it has reviews from differnt sites of lots of different cards AND it has about 5 reviews of the 9700 PRO, all of which are good - they all say it's as good as any of the other ATI radeon 9700 PRO boards. Check the 9700np ones out too...(but if it's clocked slower then maybe you shouldn't...) Actually I don't think this site has reviews of the 9700np specifically...
  8. So let me get this straight, the PowerColor 9700np is not recommanded, but the PowerColor 9700 Pro is recommanded.
  9. be best to wait and save up the xtra 50 and buy a card you know you wont have issues with. then you dont have to keep sending it back
  10. Besides i bought my ATI 9700Pro from fry's electronics for 200 Bucks. so the deals are out there, you just have to look.
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