Size of a folder

Is it possible to have the size of a folder
displayed in the Windows Explorer.
Not only the file size.
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  1. i presume you have the files and folders diplayed as icons or thumbnails if you have the view of the explorer set up to show details then youll have the size as well as the date last modified probably the only way to view files etc in explorer if oyu ask me anyway it gives you all the information that you could possibly want at your finger tips all the time. So if you set this as the default setting for all folders the youll nevr hav to waoory about it agin
  2. but not folders, which is what the original poster asked for.

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  3. oops! slips, youre right
    my apologies
    ill keep looking see what i can find
    you may have to use another explorer type app
    ive heard a few guys talking about them ill see what comes of it
  4. im stil lokking for the appropriate prog but more to the point of this post have you tried the EWN forum no direspect for the ppl here and toms hardware (it is my favorite site) but there are a lot more (heaps) ppl there and you may find the answer to your question there (i suggest you keep using this forum as well, the mpore the merrier) the addy for this other forum is:
    this will get you there or as close as dammit
  5. I've been using the file called Windu.exe to list the size of any folder (I downloaded it long time ago and it works with Win98, Win2k and XP).
    You can download it here
    You have to make a shortcut refers to Windu.exe (I named its shortcut as Space Usage) in <b><font color=red>Sendto</b></font color=red> folder. If you want to know how much space of any folder used, right-click on that folder and send to Windu. It will list how much space that folder is used.

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  6. In Windows Explorer, if you are in a folder it will show the size of all the files but not folders on the status bar at the bottom. But only if you don't have anything highlighted.


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  7. Well if you right-click on a folder and go to PROPERTIES, it will display the total size of the folder, but quicker than that i dont think it is possible.
  8. This will do the trick. It has all the functionaliy of windose explorer and some! You can download it from:
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