Can wireless be off but bluetooth on

I have a Dell Latitude 13. When I turn wireless off, Bluetooth is also disabled. Is there a way to disable wireless but keep bluetooth.
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  1. NO, usually there is no option. If it isn't in your driver control panel options than it is probably not enabled. Not saying it definitely isn't but if you can't find the option it probably doesn't exist. If you're lucky someone with a similar dell laptop can come and confirm.
  2. Normally they are two differnt chips with 2 different drivers. You can try to go to the device manager and right click on the wireless nic and disable it. That should turn off the wifi but leave the blue tooth on.
  3. depends on configuration and chipset that is used. Some network cards don't have a separation between wireless and bluetooth as they are combined on one card and the power is cut to the whole thing.
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