Acer 5920g pqservice corruption

Hi everyone .. recently after my laptop becoming infected with some sort of malware i tried to restore using the acer f10+alt erecovery each attempt resulted in the software making it to 8% then stalling and displaying an error message, upon restarting because the e erecovery software had overwritten the vista that was already their and it not finalising.. the laptop won't start!

investigated online and it has something to do with swcd.wim being corrupted in the recovery partition. does anyone have the original acer 5920g swcd.wim file?

or even the original unaltered factory reset pqservice?

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  1. after trying to extract the contents of the swcd.wim from the pqservice partition using 7z found the corrupt volume!

    it's the acer arcade C:\Acer\IOArcade\ . does anyone have this?
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