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I have this weird issue with my laptop in which after I wake it up from turning off the screen for around 10-15 mins, some kind of messed up columns of coloured thing in stripes appear. This clears out after I refresh the screen or drag a window across it. I'm worried because the laptop has only been around for a year old and it's already doing this. I've downloaded the latest drivers and installed it but it still does it.

Attached are some few shots I have since I've done trying an SS but those weird stripes didn't appear in those SS's.

Any help or suggestions would be gladly appreciated! Thanks you! :)
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  1. do you have something aroun that could cause electrical or microwave made interference (speaker or wireless)
  2. I've got a wireless printer beside it and a router nearby. I don't really know what's going on with my laptop, sigh :(
  3. take away from the screen for about 1 meter and let see if you still have the same screen
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