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I'm using an NVidia GTX 275 grafics card, Hanns G Hi221 monitor running at 1680x1050, and Windows 7 operating system. Everything was working great until today when I turned on my computer and noticed that the display was shifted down about 1cm, so I could not see a portion of the task bar on the desktop.
I wend into the NVidia control panel and adjusted the screen position up, only to find that although I could see the bottom part of the screen now, there was a black strip over the top part of the desktop. So just to clarify, now the bottom is in the correct position, but there is a 1cm black strip across the top part of my screen. When I run games however, the strip is gone and everything is positioned correctly. Also I tried a print screen, and on viewing it in paint everything was showing correctly with no black strip. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? Thanks for your help!!!
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  1. so the desktop has a 1cm black strip across the top, but apps have no problems, did you try to reset the display properties to 1680x1050 and using the OSD on the monitor to readjust the centering for the desktop
  2. My monitor (Iiyama) has an "Auto Adjust" setting which takes care of this sort of problem. Have a look at your monitor menu to see if there is anything similar.
  3. I have a ViewSonic VX2240w, and it has a manual setting as well
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