Which card has the best Price/Performance ratio?

I want to upgrade my graphics card under $200. Which one has the best price/performance ratio? I am looking for 1) GFX 5900, 2) GFX 5600/Ultra, 3) Radeon 9600/Pro & 4) G4Ti-4200?

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  1. Since you want to stay under $200 then GFX 5900 is way out of your budget. Also I'd stay away from Ti4200 because the other two cards you mentioned, although more expensive are much better options. Anyway, I believe your best option would be Radeon 9500 Pro (if you can find any), otherwise go for Radeon 9600 Pro. They are around your budget and are excellent performers. If you can find both, go for the 9500 Pro as I mentioned above.
  2. Radeon 9700 non-pro would be great too. Get the shaphire one. Or 9500 pro.
  3. Thank you for your recommendations. However, I have one thing to be worried. Is the new Catalyst driver stable in operating systems and playing games? (I have heard that its unable to play Need for speed for Radeon graphics card)

  4. the 3.4 Catalyst are by far the fasttes and most reliable for me (i have an 8500le). BUT i dont own NFS. i think ive owned it in the past, but ive formatted sinse then. shouldnt be a problem because the latest ATI drivers are very very good


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  5. Why would you buy a new videocard if you're going to play Need for Speed which was released in 1995 and looks like crap?

    Get a new game...

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  6. 97800pr0 275$ keeps up with a fx5800 and 9800 some times, very good performer for the money.
    i just sold a ti4600 for 125$ however so if you play older games that may be a way to look.
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