best video card for gaming for the kids

ok, i have read just about all that has been posted about video cards. geForce vs Radeon. they seem to all have some cons. and i understand that you guys feel strongly for certain brands. i am trying to build a computer that will be used for gaming for my kids. i dont really want to spend $400 on a card, tho. but i dont want to have to replace it in a few years. we are going with a P4 2.8 800FSB, an ASUS mb, (catch is which one, P4P800 Deluxe or P4C800 Deluxe, right now it depends on where i get the comp parts, online or here in town) i see where the GeF' cards are not so good. then i read where the Radian have drawbacks. in town, they have most of the GeF's ones. the Radian ones, more limited: 9500Pro, 9600Pro and the 9800pro. i really would prefer to buy local. so which video card will not heat up the interior of the case? which one is good or better for gaming for the kids. which one will not be a compatibility problem. (oh, the memory will be 2x 512 DDR PC3200 (Samsung).
i really would like some comments on this. from what i have read, everyone thats posts here, really knows what they are talking about. i would like to narrow this down.
if the case makes a difference i need to know. we have 2 picked out. one online and one local. of course, the local one is more expensive, bigger, has 2 fans in back and will have the neon light added per my kids' request.
please, gentlemen, help. i would like to decide on it soon, as we would like to start on it. i am also getting a bit confused and i need help.

ps, even tho this is a gaming computer, i would like for it also to be used for home-made videos and pictures. i have quite abit of pictures that i like to look at. also, i have software that requires very good graphics. of course, this isnt my computer.... :)
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  1. Get the P4P if its significantly cheaper (thats the 865 right? makin sure i dont have it backwards...)
    Asus has a BIOS for that board that enables some 1337 memory timing stuff and it performs very closely to the 875 (P4C) board almost all the time.

    Neways, about the vid card... well, I'm not gonna lie to you, even though you want to buy locally, I don't recommend buying an nVidia card right now. The Geforce FX5600 non-ultra sucks, and the 256mb one is just pointless, and the FX5600 ultra (128mb) isnt out yet, so nVidia should pretty much be out of the question for you. (The 5600 is their mid-range card.)

    So, I am going to recommend a 9700 non-pro, which can be had for around 200-220.

    Long live ATI.
  2. Since you can't buy a Radeon 9700 (non-Pro), then buy Radeon 9500 Pro. However, always look for a Radeon 9700 (non-Pro). It's a better buy than Radeon 9500 Pro.

    And if you care about video quality, then ATI is a better choice than nVidia.

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  3. sinse you seem to be looking at a mid range card, then i also recomend the Radeon 9500pro or 9700nonpro

    they are the best bang for the buck right now, great performance at a cheaper price than Nvidia.

    your rihgt alot of us DO prefer certain brands, but its for a reason. the past year Nvidia has been producing sub-par products that are often a good 70-100 dollars higher than the ATI product its meant to compete with. and the ATI cards are faster. especially in rendering DirectX 9 special effects, which is what future games are going to require.

    im trying not to be biased here. for Nvidia, if you want to go that route because in the past they were more popular than ATI and so stores often carry more Nvidia products, the TI4600 is a "decent" card. it is fast, BUT your lacking DirectX 9 compatibility. its DirecX 8 hardare. meaning future titles will run slower and wont show all the special effects that are supposed to be seen.

    the video card market is very confusing. ATI and Nvidia name products in a very deceiving way, and lie right to your face. they will claim that their product is faster when it fact it obviously isnt.

    if you want reassurance just take some time to read articles on the internet. Tomhardware articles are often accurate and unbiased. when reading benchmarks note the pixel shader rendering performance as this is becoming more and more important

    and Willamete. i dont think she knows what "1337" means hahaha..


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  4. The 9500 Pro is pretty much perfect. Try to get either that or a 9600 Pro or a 9700 Non-Pro.

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  5. hi
    thanks guys!!! and yes, i dont know what that means, but if someone mentioned it- than i do know its important!
    ok, where do i find the 9500pro or the 9700non-pro???? not here in town, unfortunately.
    and i went to a few online sites and counldn't find either.
    i think i would like the latest one, being the 9700non-pro?
    locally they have:
    RAd: 9600 128 Pro (bestbuy has new for $200)
    9700 128 AIW ( i dont think this in non-pro?)
    9700 128 Pro
    9800 128 Pro (over 400 dollars)
    now what do i do?
    i really want to thank everyone. i think i was getting confused because you all know what you are talking about and sometimes refer to them using only numbers. well, for someone who is trying to keep at all straight, it was a bit confusing. but, i am understanding alot more and more.

  6. Some of the biggest pros for buying a 9600 are the overclocking capabilities, which you probably aren't interested in, but it is a great card nonetheless. The 9700 Pro will las you longer than the 9600, and is very capable of running pretty much anything of today or tomorrow. The 9700 AIW is a pro, it includes all the features of the the 9700 Pro, plus extra features. I could tell you the details, but you'd be better off to find the review here at Tom's Hardware.

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  7. Just search for a 9700, not a 9700 non-pro, we just call it that. Its just called a 9700 (as opposed to a 9700 Pro).


    Long live ATI.
  8. hi,
    i can buy a Radeon 9600pro here in town for $200.
    i have 2 - Radeon 9700's to choose from.
    the one in town here is "Radeon 9700 AIW" -but i think this is a pro, tho, right?, its $400. so i dont want this one? (just double checking)
    the one online is called "power color Radeon 9700 Gold 128MB DDR CRT+TV+DVI 8X AGP" for about $200.
    someone said the 9600pro was for overclocking. the 9700 is not? i keep seeing you guys talk about overclocking. i might want to do this, but have to figure out what it is- :).

    i still feel $400 is alot for a video card. but, i dont want to replace it down the road with a better card.
    so, out of the 3 that i have found, what does everyone feel i should get?

    i really do want to thank everyone! this computer is really starting to shape up! i have always wanted to build one, as i buy one, then swap out stuff before i ever use it!!

  9. The "power color Radeon 9700 Gold 128MB DDR CRT+TV+DVI 8X AGP" for $200... that's the one you want!!!

    The $400 "AIW" version is basically the same as the $200 card, but with television and video capture support.
    The $400 "AIW" video card lets you hook a TV cable up to your computer and watch television on your monitor, asd well as capture video from a camcorder and edit it on your computer.

    If you don't need the television and video editing features, don't bother buying the $400 AIW version.

    The $200 Radeon 9700 will be just as good for gaming purposes.

    - Cleeve
  10. hi
    i will get it then!!!

    the computer is looking great!!!

  11. Agreed. Radeon 9700 Gold for $200 is sweet.
  12. I say Radeon also- but the 9500 Pro is good too. What game do you plan on them playing and such. I recommend they are good about online and such.

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  13. guys, she said she was going to get it

    you can stop talkin up ATI now heh


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  14. hi
    yes, its been decided, but to answer your question, heck if i know what my kids have for games! :) i have a teenager now, so his games will probably be something i dont want to know about-ggg

    i think the games we have now are very low or unheard of on this forums users list- i know we have alot of trouble with the lego games bombing.

    oh, the kids said: hard truck 2 bombs (gives a green screen on acceleration), lego extreme stunts - freezes in the middle of the game, tonka garage bombs alot.
    ones that work, they play- flight simulator, top gun, etc.

    not game related, and i am on the bottom of the list, but i need good graphics for my stuff.

  15. Yeah sounds like you are on the right track- hope it all works out!!!

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  16. okay no offence but is that Lego game all ur kids plays?? cause if that's the case even 9700 non-pro is a extreme over kill for it but if u play recent games like Unreal 2k3 Unreal 2 Warcraft then it would be fine but Lego?? come on a Ti4200 will be able to run that eyes closed lol

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  17. Yeah, you say you have a teenager (boy)?
    Get him some M rated first person shooters. If hes new to it itll take him a while to get good but trust me hell love it. Those are the ONLY games to play man! Thats all I play! Plus some CCG.
    And the games you dont want to know about are Postal 2 and GTA 3 (Vice City included).
    Those are both cool games also though, lol:)

    Long live ATI.
  18. hi
    no offense taken. i have all boys. teen is oldest. Legos is being played by a 5 year old. (he gets the laptop now)
    my other sons are just starting to get into the hotter games. thus, the need for a better video card. i havent let the boys get the cooler games, as i said we need a new computer (even tho we probably didnt). i need a computer that will handle the current hot teen and up games and then new ones that come out, as i am not going to keep buying a new computer every few years like i have been. (we have 3 now) thats why i am building this one with almost all components being tol's. i dont know what games my kids are going to want. this phase is just starting. but i do know i want a better graphics card, so when they see a game, i can say ok and get it and not have to even worry about that big of a video card. it just seems the video card plays an important role in the games they want. so if this video card is overkill on games that teenage boys want to play, then yes, i dont need it.
    so, those who have teenage boys, tell me, what do i need for a video card for the games that they play?????
    also, what are the games for them? (i see some listed already.)
    we have alot of games for PS2, gamecube, GBA's, that are war, racing, heck all sorts of stuff. the computer is just next to get these.
    lego's is all the 5yr old played, next year he is off to school so it wont matter. but he likes to play the ones his older brothers play, so i figured i best be prepared.

  19. well,I think you will need that 9700 ATI card,dont worry about overkill:).The games my boys play(14-15 years old) is Warcraft3,Command and Conker Generals.I myself play Unreal Tournament 2003,Quake3,Thing..etc..and I have a Radeon9700por.In Unreal you need all the power you can get
    but many games run smooth on a geforce3 ti200 for example.
    good luck with your new pc!dont forget the display is very important too for the visual effects.

    have fun,be lucky
  20. hi
    thanks. i just know one of them will want a game and i will of wished i got the better/bigger video card. so hopefully, this will do it!!
    oh, they are getting my 19"flat-screen monitor and come my birthday or xmas i hope i am getting a flat panel ! yes!!!!

    oh, command and conquer is one they want. not sure on others.


  21. I want a mommy who buys me a radeon 9700 * crying *

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  22. for lego games!

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  23. my mommy bought me clothes! shes a cool mom!


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  24. My mommy might buy me a 9800 Pro for my Lego games. Finally, I'll be able to get 750+ fps!

    (heh heh; all in good fun)

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  25. Suzy, I AM a teenage boy (16). Theres a lot of people my age on this forum and others actually.

    Neways, I got my own cash and built my own system, and its all mine mine mine, noone else touches it and like i said if these kids are halfway cool theyll want to play some first person shooters (bang bang blood and guts), and for those, what you need is the best you can get.

    I have what you would call a "Pimp-Rig", or an "E3 Comp".
    I diss on 14m3r5 daily, because I own them. I eat babies and slap hos all day long, I am the elite of the elite, few compare. My RIG will eat your RIG for breakfast. My skillz will eat your skillz for breakfast. When i hear a 14m3r talking about computers or a game, I always interrupt and let em know who theyre dealing with. I put them in their place so to speak. John Carmack asked me for his autograph. I said no thanks 14m3r, ive only given one autograph in my life, and that was to YOUR MOM last night! I have my 3dmark 2001 and 2003 score tatooed on my body. I used to be on the track team at school. One day after practice a guy asked me "Hey, can you go any faster?" I said "Yeah, but its hot, you know?" He was like "Yeah, it is pretty hot." I was like "Some water cooling would help." He was like "Lol. Yeah I bet it would." So then i turned around and next thing you know he dumps a gatorade cooler of ice on me!
    I kicked his f**king a$$!!
    He was like "What man? You said you could use some cooling off." I was like "Water cooling for my PC you asshat! Go to hell 14m3r!"

    I have a 9800 Pro by the way. I play the guitar too. Good thing you dont have a teenage girl my age, because shed be all over me.

    Long live ATI.
  26. Quote:
    my mommy bought me clothes!

    Does she dress you too? :tongue:

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  27. Rememeber the 9700 gold is Powercolor's current Non-pro (they actually used to call it a 9700pro to the anger of most buyers) It's memory is usually a little worse/slower overhead than normal 9700s, but you could be lucky. It will still run smooth as silk like most other 9700s, but your overclockability may be limited by the memory. But the core will push just as far as most 9700NPs The thing to do when you get it is to install an overclocking utility like powerstrip or rage3Dtweak simply to find out what the core/mem speeds are set at. They should be 275/270(540) out of the box. But some people have received oddly clocked cards so just heads up.

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  28. My mommy bought me a barbie...oh wait thats not good.

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  29. Overclock it and see if you get 900 fps

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  30. And what exactly do you want to say?

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  31. Regardless of what graphics card you buy youre going to have to replace it in two years if its going to be playing games that come out then. So I wouldnt worry about that because even if you buy the biggest baddest card, in two years its gonna slug in all the current games because the truth of the matter is, is that even the top model cards right now are strained by games that will be coming out this winter. And I would say definately buy online, retail stores suck for computer hardware, way too expensive. Online businesses hardware will be cheaper since they buy in massive quantities and pass the savings on to you, most of the time. And if you do buy online shop at, they have very competitive prices and have the best shipping ive ever seen, many items have free shipping. My opinion on what graphics card for a mid range system would have to be a Nvidia Geforce5600ultra. $215 and free shipping from Newegg. Performance is comparable to the 9600 Pro or 9700 non pro and is more stable/ has less problems.
  32. Suzy ignore Mulletkid completely, he's what you'd soon learn is a Fanboy/Nvidiot. If it's not Nvidia he doesn't like it.

    The 5600(ultra or not) is a waste of money if you can get the 9700. Especially since it's more expensive and doesn't perform nearly as well, and is definitely NOT more stable (mullet still thinks all ATI cards are based on the Rage128 core), and with Nvidia you have no way of knowing true performance considering all their driver problems.

    Yes you will need a new card in 2 years, but there is no solution to that problem, you need a card now, I think you will see that most reviews and posters back a similar solution to your problem. So, despite mullet's musings/misstatements, your choice, which seems already made, is a good one and should give your kids hours or fraggin' fun!

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  33. Hey I gave Ati their fair chance, they blew it. There is that better? Take a look around Ati fans, all the people who have problems with their video cards are using Ati cards. Coincidence? If you think so then you are blind, yet somehow have defied nature and can still be readin a computer screen.

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mulletkid on 06/14/03 07:39 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  34. Yeah, just overclocked my 9800 Ultra Extra super Pro core 1.7gHz memory 2.6ghz DDR. Yeah, and I got 976 fps in Lego.

    Yeah, I don't even have a 9800 Pro. I have a Trident Blade. But I did overclock the memory from 57mHz to 79mHz.

    All jokes aside, mullett, just how did ATi blow it? They've been turning out quality products for awhile now. Have you noticed? Or maybe you just don't want to. But either way, get your facts straight and your opinions fixed, because there's something wrong with them.

    And the word is "fair." Fare is a verb used to describe how well you succeeded at something.

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  35. One more thing. What are some of these problems with the 9600 Pro? I've not heard any. And you have "fewer" problems, not less.

    By the way, I'm 16 too, and my computer sucks. I look at my system and cry. It looks at me and freezes. My sister says the reason it freezes is because I left an issue of Maximum PC near it and hurt its feelings. I have what you would call a "Bargain PC" that was purchased for $1300 in 1999 because we didn't know what we were doing. The words "pimp" and "my computer" should not be used in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence. I hate it, it hates me. Life sucks.

    Just kidding, its not so bad. It could be worse. But still, don't make the same mistake we did. Do your research, and choose ATi.

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  36. It was by coincidence, you gave them the chance which wasn't at the right time.
    It was right after the 8500 that they started making Catalyst and had much better stability. Unfortunately most who gave them chances and failed, gave up right before Catalyst came out, leaving many with a stigma that could be avoided if they tried again now.

    If I could see the Matrix, I'd tell you I am only seeing 0s inside your head! :tongue:
  37. Oh really??? i tried o/c this 5900Ultra that i bought off the internet for $900 to 3.0ghz memory and 4.0ghz core and it was so fast The lego characters blow up, i checked and it was 9000fps!!!! oh boy!!! and mullet kid is just a dumbass, you might be a nvidia fanboy, but nvboys accepts the truth that 9700pro can outperform anything from Nvidia 5800Ultra down, live with it, and 5600Ultra is over priced anyways, we'll see if the battle between NV40 and R420 if Nvidia will regain crown Firmly this time. And Ati might have quality product, but their stock fans are still ugly!!!! lol

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  38. 9000 fps. Now that's just insane. Surely you don't mean 10,000? Man, that's slow. Must be because its an nVidia.

    REASONABLE nvboys, like you. There's no problem in having a preference if you can rationally explain why. And I think nVidia's stock fans are hott, don't you?

    Tit for tat, butter for fat, ATi's dog kicks nVidia's cat

    (Maximum PC)
  39. I expressed my feelings on this issue (fan "hotness"), and surely CoolSquirtle remembers it.
    Remember the whole ATIs cooler = hot chick; nVidias cooler = fat sumo wrestler on steroids?
    Yeah, anyways.
    ATI's cooler is sexy, but it dont matter anyways, since i just ordered a Volcano 10 for my 9800 Pro.
    Thats right a Volcano 10.


    Oh, and daddywags, I feel sorry for your 14m3 comp, but all that crap I said (while pretty much true), I'm not really like that. I just thought it was funny and I wanted to see peoples responses/reactions.
    I didnt get much feedback though...

    Read my sig or something.

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  40. Why a volcano 10? Why not V9/11? They all have better heat disipation. Why not a TT SubZero? or a Vantexc Aeroflow? Both would give you a cooler that doesn't sound like an FX!
    Man you really need to go compressor if you wanna truely push-it! :tongue: Or you could even mod a TT liquid cool (or Koolance) with <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS</A> kind of job and have a refreshing suds while enjoying victory. :cool:

    Seriously, why the 10? Noise, thermal dis., size? Just curious.

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  41. Honestly, I don't know.
    The 10 is all copper, the 9 is not. The 11 was too much money.
    I got the 10 for 17, the 9 would have been 18.
    I figured 10 > 9, right?
    I havnt seen any side by side tests of these things so I just made a guess.

    But hey, going from a little aluminum thing that weighs a couple ounces to a volcano 10.... thats all the card needs dude.

    And now that I look more in depth at the specs, Im glad I got the 10. It has smaller dimensions than the 9.
    I'm also considering switching out the fan on it, to a 32.5 cmf 80mm blue led fan.

    But neways.

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  42. Yeah I was just surious since I have 2 V9s in my dual CPU rig. And I have been thinking of upgrading them (due to noise levels) to Vantecs or something. But there is nothing I've seen that comes close to them (except the 7s [running louder]) for heat disipation. My friend and I in T.O. just picked up some Vantec Aeroflos, but that's for the gaming rig.

    Anywhoo, I was just curious, and yes they are big as an SOB, and the Subzeros have me a little interested but I haven' researched them enough yet. Dual Sub zeros, now that would be cool (pun intended/or NOT). But I'm not a big overclocker just like stability (good cooling) and quiet, at a nice price & easy (both of which rules out a compressor/liquid). Although that water cooler really did look awesome.

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  43. WTF you mean theres nothing that comes close for heat dissipation?
    What j00 been smokin?
    I have an slk-800 with a vantec tornado, that beats the snot out of the best Volcano, or TT anything, or pretty much ANYTHING OUT THERE cept the slk-900, and theres this new one by some other company thats on par with it... forgot what its called.

    And I thought the higher the number the better for the Volcanos, was I wrong?
    The volcano 11 looks significantly better than the 9 (or 7).
    I got a volcano 11 for my moms comp, cost 30 bux.

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  44. I was talking about ones that came with a fan. Yes you're right the SLKs are sweet, I saw a review with over 50+ combinations including the SLKs with whisper and high CFM fans, put up aganst V7+(might have been just V7 it's been a while),9,11 (at diff. speeds) and a bunch of others. The SLK were tops, but it's not the same if you ask me (it's the fans that make the diff. c'mon 80mm and they sound like a freakin' GFFX some times). Anywhoo, the Top TT volcanos was the V7+ at top speed, then the V9 at top speed (but they were VERY close), then the V7+ at med., then the V11 at top speed, then the V9 at med. and then the V11@med. The Vantec Aeroflow came in between the V9 on high and the V7+ at medium, all with much lower noise level (also included in the review).

    I too thought the Volcanos were rated based on effeciency, but they aren't, especially since I got them when they FIRST came out (new to the store THAT day [they had to check the price from the invoice and 'make' a price for them, which turned out lower than they sold them later]). NOW, the V9s are CHEAPER than the V7s, and the V7s are more sought after from what I've seen. The advatage of the V9 is the controlability.

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internet account)</i> ! <font color=green>RED</font color=green> <font color=red>GREEN</font color=red> :tongue: GA to SK
  45. Grape I just did a little research on heatsinks.
    I couldnt for the life of me find a review or comparison of the Volcano 10 though! Geeze, its like it dosnt exist. Apparently its a fairly new product though.

    Neways, J00 ARE WRONG HAHAH!
    Volcano 11 (it was a xaser, but i dont think it matters) beats the Volcano 9.
    I didnt look at any tests with the 7 though.
    But when i bought the volcano 10, i also bought a volcano 11 xaser for my moms comp, which you can read about in

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  46. Yeah I didn't find it on their site either, except by looking for it directly (they opnly have the 11, 9, and 7 as their AMD solution ontheir home page. It's WEIRD!

    Yes I saw your 'hot of the press', but it's neither probably 'cool' if you do it right. :tongue:

    Anywhoo, I'm just going by the review I saw. I was personally peeved about the performance of my V9s so that's the ONLY reason I remember it. But not that it matters TOO much. In that one the 7 was tops, the 9 next, and then the 11. I don't remember which model. But I'll conceed for I don't even remember whihc site I saw it on it was a while back and before my vacation.
    In any case, I wouldn't go that route again, I'd prefer quieter over cooler as I'm not a big overclocker (I usually replace CPU before I feel it's underperforming) I have only a SLIGHT overclock on the Xp1800+s for now just because I can (Why waste it?)

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internet account)</i> ! <font color=green>RED</font color=green> <font color=red>GREEN</font color=red> :tongue: GA to SK
  47. URG question.... how on earth will you be able to put the Volcano 10 on a video card O_o i mean the thing is like 5 pound wont it just crack the video card into two piece due to the weight???

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    Athlon 64......nForce 3, it sure sucks when you can't afford things. One day Operton Servers will cost less than $4000 so everyone can get one
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