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I've got a very quiet nice computer, but its graphics card is not too good. I'd want to play a game of BF 1942 every now and then, so I need a new card. There seems to be quite some graphics cards with a passive heatsink only - without any fan. Does anyone have any experience on these; what would be the fastest QUIET graphics card that even supports two monitors?
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  1. the only recent graphic which has no fan..there is only one I know, the powercolor's Radeon9000(no pro)
    maybe there are others..
  2. A R9700pro with a Zalman HP-80a fitted as standard (cant remember the branding but it was silver HS rather than the retail yellow/gold...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat... (Click me name to see me spec)
  3. I have a 9600Pro, and it is quite! The fan is very small, smaller than the fan on my geforce 4mx 440. It is below the performance of a 9500Pro, but as I said, the card is very quite. If you want performance, and it to be quite, I would suggest the 9600Pro.
  4. Yea, what Marneus said... the absolute fastest quiet card I know of is the heatpipe-equipped 9700 PRO.
    A heatpipe is a nifty fanless cooling mechanism.

    The 9600 is fast & quiet, but the 9700 PRO with a heatpipe is far faster.

    The 9000 is an entry level card, not even nearly as fast as a 9600.
  5. radeon 9000
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