Help needed with GFX Card technical issue

The problem i have is with Direct X.
Both Direct Draw and Direct 3D do not work properly under DXdiag.
Here is what i have done to try and rectify the problem so far:

1.Reformatted the Hard Drive.
2.Installed Windows XP - installs DX 8.1 itself.
3.Installed the latest Detonator drivers.
4.Everything works fine except Direct X applications.

I found an error report that basically said:

Driver file "nv4_disp.dll" was stuck in a continous loop.
This is a main driver file.
Here is the technical report:

szAppName : Drivers.Display szAppVer : 10DE0250A280131043
szModName : nv4_disp.dll szModVer : Offset : 782506EA


// Watchdog Event Log File

LogType: Watchdog
Created: 2003-06-09 01:42:56
TimeZone: 0 - GMT Standard Time
WindowsVersion: XP
EventType: 0xEA - Thread Stuck in Device Driver

// The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop. This
// usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device
// driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your
// display device vendor for any driver updates.

ShutdownCount: 3
Shutdown: 0
EventFlag: 1
EventCount: 1
BreakCount: 1
BugcheckTriggered: 1
DebuggerNotPresent: 1
DriverName: nv4_disp
DeviceClass: Display
DeviceDescription: ASUS V8460 ULTRA DELUXE v28.32b
HardwareID: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0250&SUBSYS_80131043&REV_A2
Manufacturer: ASUSTek
DriverFixedFileInfo: FEEF04BD 00010000 0006000D 000A0B10 0006000D 000A0B10 0000003F 00000008 00040004 00000003 00000005 00000000 00000000
DriverCompanyName: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
DriverFileDescription: ASUS nVidia Series Windows 2000/XP Display Driver, Version 28.32
DriverInternalName: nv4_disp.dll
DriverLegalCopyright: Copyright (C) ASUSTek Computer Inc.1994-2001
DriverOriginalFilename: nv4_disp.dll
DriverProductName: ASUS nVidia Series Windows 2000/XP Display Driver, Version 28.32

This was happening BEFORE i formatted and re-installed Windows.
Tried re-installing both Nvidia drivers and the ASUS ones - problem still occurs.
Having reformatted with a fresh Windows XP Pro install and fresh drivers...

Problem with the card itself?

ASUS GF 4 TI 4600

Any help or info would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  1. I could be wrong, but I think you need DirectX 9 in order to use those features on a GeForce FX card.

    - Daniel (
  2. My card is a GF 4 TI 4600. (made by ASUS , the ASUS name is "V8460 Ultra")

    I was previously on Direct X 9.0a and all was fine , then i got this problem out of the blue.
    Couldnt solve it so reformatted and tried various Nvidia and ASUS drivers.

    Weird that a driver file should get stuck in a continous loop after a fresh install of Windows XP and fresh drivers.


  3. in this order...
    install OS (nothing else, no updates or anything)
    install mobo drivers (AGP driver a must)
    install latest Nvidia driver package
    install Dx 9.0a

    then try dxdiag tests...
    if this fails then U have a system problem

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat... (Click me name to see me spec)
  4. If you have a motherboard with a via chipset which i assume you do, there are three possible fixes. option 1 is the best one but is not always an option

    1. Get a new motherboard with a different chipset

    2. Install Windows 98 SE, which doesnt use VIAs drivers

    3. In your device manager, find the Via AGP to CPU driver in the system devices tree. Update the driver to PCI to CPU driver. This will stop the loop, but will cause a performance hit ranging from 5%-20% depending on your configuration. This is because it disables AGP texturing acceleration and reduces bandwidth.

    The issue is caused by Driver problems with VIA and VIA is incabable of fixing. Good Luck it took me over a year to fix my own problems so i hop this helps you
  5. So Far Im using via chipset with a Geforce ti4600 with the gfx driver and dx9 for about a month now and no probs yet. The conflict is between the mobo and the AGP card and one of them must go. Have you done any overclocking on the AGP?
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