huge radeon 9700 problemo

ive had this radeon9700 for about 9 months now and recently when i goto play a game, or anything that requires a significant number of fps, the monitor turns into like 16 colour mode, a bunch of vertical blotchy lines appear, my mouse turns into a giant flashing square, etc. And this doesnt happen right away, i can play a game fine for about 10 seconds.
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  1. Possibly a power supply issue. This happened to me with a generic 300W power supply.

    I got a 480 watt job, the problem went away... not a guaranteed problem, it could be overheating or any number of things, but it's a place to start.
  2. hmm, i believe it might be that. My front side bus set itself to 100/100 when it should have been at 133/133. Right after this the problems started.
    Could it be that the motherboard cannot handle all the power so it set itself lower to handle the 9700?
  3. Thats a possibility... the GPU draws too much juice, making other things unstable, and the mobo has compensated in the only way it knows how, by going back to defaults.

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  4. More likely that you have an ECS motherboard that isn't getting enough juice. When they crash, they reset the BIOS sometimes, and the system/CPU bus along with it.

    A real pain in the a$$.
  5. wow, i do have an ecs motherboard...
    i think we are onto something
    how can i be sure?
  6. Find the wattage of your power supply. It's written on the top or side of it. All you have to do is remove the side of your computer case to see.
  7. its a 300watt max
  8. but note that the problem started nine months after i purchased the card
  9. gotta be sure of this, either its a new motherboard or new videocard
  10. Sounds to me like your power supply isn't sufficient, or is dying.

    Can you maybe borrow a 350+ watt power supply from a friend's computer and try it out on your machine? That's the best way to diagnose.
  11. I had my 9700pro runnin ok for 2 months or so before i had problems of a similar kind, got a 550w psu and never looked back :D
  12. The power supply is the obvious first choice to replace.Change it to a 400watt or larger, it will pay off in the future!
  13. but if it isn't the power supply and its the motherboard, then i dont wanna be spending money where its not needed
  14. In that case, take my advice on the top of this page.

    And TRUST US on this one.
    You need a better power supply than that 300watt generic job to run the kind of rig you have.
    It WILL be more stable with a decent name brand power supply, there is no doubt about it.
  15. i must post a picture of the screen effect
  16. your running a generic 300 wps plus you have an amd chip in there that requires a min of 300 watts to run PLUS a 9700pro? that requires a min of 350 watts and if you carry more than one drive that in itself requires 300 min to run for system stability. IF you were only running one item that required a 300 wps then you would be alright. since you added the vid card. you been slowly killing the PS. and it took nine months before it is giving up the ghost.
    and your wondering why? they are adament on this?

    Trust them there right. just get a new ps at 450 watts min not some generic jobber either. and live long and prosper :smile:

    Just do it now! {points finger at door} go.
  17. Holy crap james... I.. I .. I just dont know how to put it.
    When an item, a 9700 Pro for example, recommends at least a 300W power supply, they dont mean it DRAWS 300 WATTS YOU ASS!!
    the CPU and a 9700 pro (with its additional power connector) take power from two seperate voltage lines on the power supply. Holy crap i just dont know what to say.
    Youre just so frickin wrong.
    So because i have a cpu that recommends at LEAST a 350W power supply and a vid card that recommends at LEAST a power supply, and 4 drives, and 12 fans, do i need AT LEAST a 750 watt power supply?

    Dude... I just cant explain the feeling I got from reading that post. Its not exactly a pleasant one though.

    Long live ATI.
  18. oh god...
    now u got me confused again
  19. Confused?

    Well, the actual numbers you have to add up are the amps each device takes, and you have to pay attention to which rail it draws off... there are 3 rails on each power supply: 3.3 volt, 5 volt, and 12 volt rails. Each rail is rated as far as how many amps it can supply on the side of your power supply.

    But none of this matters right now, Bez. No 300 watt power supply in the world would run your rig stable.

    Just get a freakin power suppy already! Make it at least a 350 watt name brand, or a 450 watt generic!

    If you don't want our advice, stop asking us for it dude...
  20. I do want the help. Its just that this problem is so awkward to me. the videocard was displaying the problem on the monitor so i assumed that it was the videocard for sure. Like how does a power supply make the screen look like a digital cable signal going fuzzy... anyway you guys know much more than me so ill take your word. its just that im broke, counting pennies, so this is kinda a big purchase which i have to research kinda..
  21. That'll work juuust fine.

    I know you're worried about money Bez, but trust me... a PSU is cheaper than a motherboard. :)

    Don't you know somebody with a computer whose PSU you can borrow to check?
  22. The FIRST thing you should have done is post your system specs (including fans) ;)
    That would make it ALOT easier to help you. It IS possible to run the 9700 pro on a 300w power supply, it just depends on it's quality as well as what else you have in your system. Don't forget to post what the fsb is of your processor (eg. 100/133/166)

    The first thing I would reccomenf you do is UNDERCLOCK your processor. That will make it draw less power. Go into the k7s5a bios and set the fsb to 100.
    Also, unplug any component that is unnecessary to test playing the games (eg. CDRom, floppy, case fans, but NOT the cpu fan). Leave the side of the case open just to make sure it doesn't overheat.

    If this fixes the problem then it is your power supply (or maybe heat too haha), but if it doesn't, then it doesn't mean anything.

    Actually, have you tried to run your comp with the side of the case open to see it makes any difference?

    The last thing you could try doing is severely underclocking your gpu to see (like 50% speed). This will draw a lot less power from the ps and could make a difference too. The only thing is that if this helps it could be the ps, and it could be vidcard or heat...

    Anyways, try what I said out out and report back. I'll see if I can help you more then.

    Please give more info!
  23. ok this is what im running
    Generic 300 watt max
    1800 xp+
    256 ddr
    40 gig 7200
    five 80 mm led fans on a glass case
    radeon 9700
    sb live 5.1 gamerx
    fsb at 133/133
  24. that feeling your having is your head being stuck in your ass, why, oh, why do they recommend it if it isn't somewhere, sometime pulling all that power to run it? if it didn't NEEEEEEEEED the 300 watt's to run stable. whyyyyyyyyyyy put it on the box you king of moron's and yes if you ARE running all that, yes, you WOULD need that kinda power to KEEP from Killing the power supply. but you party on dude and use your 45 watt power supply your daddy gave you to run allllllll your wittle toys. and see how long your system lasts versus mine.

    Now cry at the following ATi sucks, there dying a slow lingering death.

    go tell mommy and daddy what I said little boy.
  25. oh, and holy crap will, I knew what he was running before the specs came out you emperor of donkey's. If your so bright why don't you tell him what is wrong and pin point it. Go on, dazzle us with your brillance.
  26. Would you kids stop fighting, please? And ATi isn't dying.

    I'm a born barbershopper...
  27. Direct from ATI: "ATI recommends a 300 watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation <b>where a number of other internal devices are installed.</b>" It isn't necessarily required. A 300 W PSU also isn't required to run an AMD processor either. In fact OEM's do it all the time on 200 W and 250W PSU's while running 2 optical disc drives and decent sized hard drives...
  28. James i have a 550w antec true power.
    I agree he needs a better and more powerful power supply, I was just pointing out the STUPIDNESS of your post.
    TY casual cat for that example.
    The 9700 Pro dosnt eat up 300 W, they recommend at least a 300W WHEN USED WITH OTHER SH*T!

    Long live ATI.
  29. well im gonna try disconnecting all my 80 mm fans, turning off the cd rom, and lowering the fsb for starts
    then ill report back
  30. Just to give you an idea of what these guys are talking about: I am running all this on a 350w Enermax PSU:

    Athlon XP 2500+
    Asus A7V333 rev2.0 mobo
    2 x Corsair XMS PC2700 CAS 2.0
    Geforce 4 Ti4600
    Audigy 2
    Diamond 56k Modem
    Network Card
    DVD drive
    2 x Barracuda 60GB 7200rpm (RAID)
    Hard disc caddy
    Zip Drive
    Floppy Drive
    4 x 80mm Papst Case Fans
    120mm YS Tech case fan
    92mm Sunon fan on heatsink

    Now that little lot draws some major power but I still get rock solid power supply - 12.48v on the 12v line and 4.9v on the 5v line.

    It might not be the cheapest thing to buy but a good PSU will last you for a long time and is worth the investment. Hope that helps.

    4.77MHz to 4.0GHz in 10 years. Imagine the space year 2020 :)
  31. ok i took out all the 80 mm fans. i have a house fan blowing on the open case. i even took out the cd rom.
    i go into unreal 2003 and around 20 mins into playing the screen goes all crazy like before
    what the hell
  32. This is giving me second thoughts about the psu situation!
  33. But did you underclock your CPU?
    Just taking out the fans might not fix the prob, if the 12v line is underpowering the system.

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  34. go get the ps if we are wrong you can take it back inside of 14 days and YOU DID NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY. IF WE ARE RIGHT? Problem goes bye bye.

    460 Watt Enermax Power Supply
    A7N8X Asus Motherboard
    AMD Barton 2800+
    ATI 9700 Pro 128Meg Video Card
    Samsung 19" Syncmaster191T Moniter "LCD"
    Nforce APU "Nvidia built in sound card"
    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Speaker System
    1.5GB PC2700 "DDR333" Memory From Micron
    120GB Maxtor 2Meg buffer Harddrive "Main Drive"
    40GB Western Digital "Back Up Drive"
    16X40X Sony DVD Drive
    52X24X52x Memorex CDRW
    Logitech MX700 Wireless Mouse
    Interlink Electronics Wireless Keyboard Model Number: VP6410K
    Floppy Drive
    4 cooling fans
    Midtower Case
    All done up in black and silver with sapphire blue glow from case

    Go to Compusa "if you have one buy a 450 ps put it in turn itu on and havea go with it. if it works grand , if it doesnt , grand least you narrowed it down some. and you can get your money back from compusa from buying the ps . providing youy bring it back with in 14 days.

    i mean really people what makes this so hard
    I killed 2/300 watt PS on that system above til i upped it to what it is now. now no problem.

    Or keep messing with teh inside ofyoru computer til you short out something with static electricity and then you can pay lots more for a new computer woo hooo!!
  35. thank you , thats my point. i did say if it was by it self no big deal its all of it combined, and go read amd's site says a min of 300 watts IF your running dual harddrives on it. the boy is simply burning out his ps. and if he keeps f&cking with it he will ruin more than what is already a "minor" problem.

    that was the point of the post. realise how much Shitt you have in your system and buy the correct parts to run it
  36. k, im goin out to buy a 350 watt from bestbuy to test out.
    ill bring it back the next day and then buy a 420 watt later if it works out
  37. so why the hell are generic power supplies so bad?
    i see one advertised for 25 dollars while a brand with the same wattage is like 70

    <A HREF="http://www.[-peep-]/page.php?x=1137060" target="_new"> BeZ's SeXy Link </A>
  38. That sucks...
    Next step is to turn down the fsb on the processor and after try to underclock the vidcard by half or something like that (so that it will use a lot less power)

    Report back once you've tried this

    You don't own a volt meter or a friend who has one by any chance, do you?
  39. The solution to your problem is to go out and buy a Nvidia GeforceFX 5600!!! just kidding. To answer your question regarding generic power supplies, generic power supplies are usually quite over rated in their wattage and cannot supply correct ampage across all lines. This will make your system tweak like hell. Ive made it a habbit to only buy quality power supplies because generic power supplies are the source of 75% of peoples problems. I prefer Fortron Source (FSP Group) or Sparkle power supplies (I believe they are the same company are they not?) These power supplies are usually under rated so chances are its gonna work even if youre a little sketchy on the matter.
  40. Read Tom's article on the PSUs. It's mainly because people will buy the cheaper ones and then learn a lesson. There's money to be made on cheap machines.
    The better quality one's cost more. The one's made from left of lamps and toasters cost $20 or are included in the $25 case.

    There are alot of good one's; I prefer in order 1) PC Power&Cooling 2) Enermax 3) Antec

    I have an Enermax 365 whisper and a regular Enermax 465 in my rigs. I'd get PC Power & Cooling but no one sells them here in Calgary or a good online store in Canada when I built mine. So I went with my 2nd choice instead of ordering stateside.

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  41. ok thx for the psu info. anyway i took out all fans, cdrom, lowered fsb to 100\100, turned off all AA and other features on videocard
    and it still did this
    so im gonna go get a new psu and report back

    <A HREF="http://www.[-peep-]/page.php?x=1137060" target="_new"> BeZ's SeXy Link </A>
  42. i have a problem like this also except tat i have it running for about 6-8 mths, now whenever i turn up the setting say max out the AA and anistorpic filetering and the other features i can't play my games properly. blotches and distortion. Is it due to the fact that over these past few months my ps has been dying slowly...
    i took out my system fan and a tv tuner card which i installed during these few months and roll back my drivers from 3.4, 3.2 to 3.0 but no avail. i 'm getting quite suspicious tat my ps is dying on me oh well like bez i guess i will buy a new ps maybe a 400watt one.

    How do i distinguish a ps tat runs at 400watt all the time and one tat max at 400 watts
    please go there, that is exactally my problem
    and im guessing im screwed

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  44. hey.... but mine is built by radeon and plus i've exchanged a board with them..... , i will still try getting a new one soon ,
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