SAPPHIRE RADEON 9100 - 64 or 128 mb ddr

I have to make a choice between buying the 64mb or the 128mb SAPPHIRE RADEON 9100. The difference in price is $20 CDN. I am not an avid gamer at all. I do some 3D modeling with programs like Solid Edge and 3DS MAX since I am an engineer. Will I really notice a difference? Should I save my $20?
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  1. Buy the 64 MB version. It's cheaper and faster. 128 MB cards have slower memory compared to 64 MB versions and for R9100 cards can't take advantage of VRAM more than 64 MB

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  2. Go for the 64Mb version.

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  3. The 64MB version comes with faster memory and significantly outperforms the 128MB version. Why do you think the price difference is so small? They cut cost on the 128MB version by using very crappy 5ns memory.

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