Will I notice a BIG difference if I upgraded from

Will I notice a BIG difference if I upgraded from "GeForce 2 GTS Ultra " to the "Radeon 9700 pro "?

Thankyou very much : >


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  1. The answer is YES!
    Phial will tell you that its nothing like upgrading from an 8mb Trident to a Voodoo 2, but screw that old skool crap.

    The answer is yes there is a huge difference.

    What kinda games u play, or are planning on playing?

    Long live ATI.
  2. Ditto

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  3. Will my system hold back the Radeon 9700 pro? Here are my specs...

    I have a AMD 1.2 Mhz 266FSB, 512 DDR Ram- GTS ultra 2 DDR- windows ME.

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  4. Lol, the answer is YES again.

    If you got the $, I would recommend upgrading your mobo and CPU, and memory too but that could come later if you want.

    You can get an xp1700 (tbred b) for around 50 bux, and they overclock to like 2.2 ghz. Or you could get an xp2500 for 80.
    That and an nforce2 board would help out ALOT.
    U can upgrade the memory now or later ur choice, to ddr333 (or higher).

    Long live ATI.
  5. Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond !

    Oh, Should I upgrade my power supply also? I have a 250 now.

    Thanks again!


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  6. Yeah, they recomend AT LEAST 300w for a 9700, but you'd be safer with 350 or 400. You might be able to handle it though.

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  7. try the antec true power 380W, 430W, or enermax EG-365 (350 real watts) or EG-465 (431 real watts).

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  8. lol, 1.2 Mhz..
  9. Lt, actually the enermax is 'rated' for 350W but as many (including tom's) have shown it's actual avg. is 380, with a max/peak well into the high 400s (although not as peaky as others, it's stable at the 380+. Just FYI, as I have both the Enermax 365 and 465 (I just helped a friend in T.O. buy a 365 whisper also). Love them Enermax PSUs.
    As you say Antec is good, as is <A HREF="http://www.pcpowercooling.com/home.htm" target="_new">PC Power & Cooling</A> (though they are rarer [at least here in Canada] and therefore more expensive IMO).

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  10. I had a Geforce 2 GTS and noticed a huge difference just going to a 9600Pro... I imagine it would be even sweeter going to the 9700Pro. In fact THG still has the old VGA charts and I think it had your card and the 4600. So you can use that along with the many 4600 vs 9700 Pro comparisons for a better idea. I definitely agree with everyone on the PSU upgrade being necessary as well.
  11. Your whole system will be held back by windows ME. Trust me, I had it on my system when I first got it because this is store bought. Windows ME will cripple any system because it is the worst peice of garbage ever produced by M$. Do yourself a favor and get Win2k from somewhere and load that sucker up. You won't regret it, trust me.

    -non computer guru
  12. Hi,

    First off, thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply. I have'nt surf the PC boards for about 6-12 months, so I'm not updated with all the new stuff.

    I have been reading like crazy tho:>

    Ok, Which Power Supply is the most quiet? 350 -400 watts.The one I have now is NOISY.

    Thanks again!

    PS: I will also update my system as suggested.


    " Soon My Friend , Soon...."
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