Radeon 9500 Pro

I have installed a Radeon 9500 Pro in the following system.
XP Pro
I show these two display adapters in Device Manager,
Radeon 9500 / 9700
Radeon 9500 / 9700 - Secondary
Has anyone else suffered from this probles and how do I fix it. Other programs fail to function, Rage3D tweak is one. I contacted ATI and they listed every dame web address they has and said go fish. I can't believe that I am the only one having this problem and have my fingers crossed for a reply.
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  1. remove those 2 and reboot and let windows do the installation again or you can just install your own catalyst driver after the reboot.
  2. you should install the drivers from ati, that could be the problem your having. but the part about the secondary adaptor is normal. its the second display on the card.

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  3. OK, first of all, don't listen to people telling you how to fix a problem that doesn't exist. That "secondary" controller XP's way of controlling the second output of your video card independantly of the first. So leave it there, and use it if you want (it can controll either the DVI-D output, the VGA adapter on the DVI-D output, or the TV-Out, you have lots of options).

    Now the second part, what is failing to function in the tweak, the overclocking feature? Because a lot of these cards have a BIOS lock that prevents overclocking! And the only fix is to flash the BIOS!

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  4. First thing Thank you Crashman for solving my problem. I read all of the documentation ATI had on the subject and could not find anything concerning the secondary entry except their Fury card. I discovered this problem using the Rage3d tweak and a video card BIOS extractor. I have the BIOS file to unlock the the card but was unsure with these problems. If you happen to know were this secondary entry is documented it would be nice to send ATI a reply to the solution and at least make them aware of their incompetence.

    Again Thanks Crashman

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