Lenovo y570 or lg a530-d

I'm confused between these 2 laptops. Lg has 3d passive screen with 2d to 3d conversion. But hardly anyone in India buys lg laptops. So cant get any opinions. Also there are no user reviews on the net for this LG model. Any user of either these models please help. Need for college and gaming.

LG-i5, nvidia 555m 1gb, full hd flicker free 3d screen with passive glasses, 4gb ram.

Lenovo- i5, 1366X768, 4gb, nvidia n12p-gv1 2gb(cant find this gpu on nvidia site so dont know which card is this)
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  1. Hello ashishsushobhan325;

    What's the price difference between those 2 laptops?
  2. The lack of any independent reviews on the web for the LG A530 is unusual.

    -> Do you need a notebook with two webcams that can take 3D videos?
  3. lenovo is priced around 52k and lg around 58k
  4. The LG does have the nice 1920x1080 LCD screen. I don't believe the Lenovo does? (mentioned in first post)
  5. other option is dell xps15. I get full hd but with nvidia 540m. Which one do you suggest among the 3 models for gaming. Full hd with 540 or hd ready with 555m lenovo or the LG with 555m and full hd. Dont know about build quality of LG.
  6. NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M review
    The Nvidia n12p-gv1 is probably the GT 555M (96 cores) mentioned in the review.
  7. config wise i find LG the best but I'm afraid of build quality any issues. Cant get any info due to lack of reviews on net and also sales of LG laptop is rare in India. Mostly lenovo, vaio, hp, acer dell etc sell out here but not LG.
  8. For best gaming and best value I think the Lenovo Y570 is the a smart option.
  9. is it a better choice to have full hd for gaming?
  10. It's more taxing on the video card.
    1920x1080 IS nice. But it will make the GT 555M 'game' like a weaker card.
  11. New games at high graphics setting AND high resolutions are going to be a bit more than the GT 555M can handle.
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