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How to repair a laptop cd drive

My laptop was dropped and now I can't open the CD/DVD drive. I tried the paperclip in the hole it won't open. Can anyone help
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  1. Your best bet is just to replace it. You about can't do anything to fix an optical drive when it breaks like that.
  2. Thanks, just what I was hoping NOT to hear! Could I take a CD drive from an old laptop and install it into the HP somehow or am I just wishful thinking? Otherwise can you give me an idea as to cost for replacement? Thanks so much for your help! TT
  3. Second thought: is it broken beyond repair or just jammed.
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    Generally you can't fix even a desktop DVD/CD drive. The good news is that a new one is really cheap. Do you happen to know if it's a SATA drive or not? If not post the model of your laptop and I can look it up.

    New drive. This will work great if it's a SATA drive you are replacing.
  5. G62-144DX. You are a godsend thank you! This was my daughters laptop for school and she (I think didn't take care), she now has a MacBook pro because she says it doesn't get viruses. This HP is almost brand new, I think I want to keep it for myself. Again THANK YoU!!!
  6. It is a SATA drive so the one I linked to above will work fine.

    Now I am not sure how easy installing the new drive will be, but it should not be too hard. If you can't figure it out and don't have a tech person you can go to for help you can always take it to a small "mom and pop" type computer shop and I would guess they would not charge you much to install the new drive. I would not take it to Best Buy or any of the big retaillers though, they are likely to charge you more.
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