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I just bought my Radeon 9600pro and it installed it and it woudln't boot up. The computer beeps and then nothing happens. I put my old voodoo 3 3000 back and it works just fine. I did see the find new AGP drivers and installed it, (hopefully it was new drivers for the AGP), but not completely certain.
My computer is homebuilt, 512mb ram, Abit KG7 raid motherboard, Athlon XP 1800+ processor. Any help is more than appreciated.
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  1. Did you uninstall all chipset/agp drivers for the voodoo?
    Whats your power supply rated at?
    Is the voodoo 3 a pci card?
    If it is u may have to change a setting in your BIOS, something like default VGA output or something, switch it from PCI to AGP.

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  2. it was a driver that windows put in, so I can't really disable it. I checked the cmos and made the AGP 4x instead of 2x and that didn't help either.
  3. You will have to uninstall the voodoo drivers before you can run the radeon. First though you need a video card that will post. Put the radeon in place and make sure it is well seated. Look to make sure that all the copper traces on the bottom of the card are stuck out the same. Clear your cmos to make sure it is agp ready Boot the computer and go into the bios. Turn the computer off. Put your voodoo card in and boot. go to device manager and uninstall your voodoo and all things 3dfx. Then turn off your computer and install the Radeon. If your rig never boots with the Radeon take it back and get it replaced.
  4. If nothing it has happening make sure the card is connected to the PSU correctly (the 9500 connects to psu i assume the 9600 does too) also if ur PSU is not powerful it WILL NOT do anything, same happened with me, u need a QUALITY 350W or higher psu to run it m8.
  5. But if you dont have enough juice the card will come up with a incorrectly installed card warning. So i doubt that would be the cause. Sounds DOA to me.


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  6. 9600 pro does not connect to a PSU, in fact you don't need a high capacity PSU for the 9600 pro. That is one of its benefits...
  7. Using Windows XP on this box? If so you can eliminate software problem. You probably have a weak power supply but really the card is mostly likely dead.
  8. It's definitely NOT the PSU (unless it's below 200W), it's not a molex/floppy connected card, it'll run of the juice on the AGP bus, and likely draws the same/less than a GF4.

    From what I've seen so far (arrived late) I'd say you need to a: uninstall every trace of the voodoo drivers (both cards should run without drivers in a basic low res. mode) and try again.
    IF that doesn't work, b: Before doing anything else, check the info boards at your mobo manufacturer's site, and even the ATI infosource. See if they have seen this before. Also take a look at your bios settings and see if anything is out of whack to you.

    Then first get the most recent MOBO-AGP drivers, second install the motherboard AGP drivers (again!), then power down and restart with the new AGP drivers (make sure Windows didn't re-install something, if so un-install the vodoo drivers again) Then power down and swap cards. Now see what happens (and pray, which is S.tandard O.perting P.rocedure for fixing computers). IF that doesn't do it, I don't know what to tell ya.

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  9. I didn't think I could uninstall my voodoo drivers because it was in windows. I have a decent size power supply and did download and install the lastest BIOS for my computer and it did not help. I think I'm going to get a 9500pro since now it has direct X 9.0 support. If that doesn't work, I'm going to explore Nvidia cards.
  10. You might be best off checking the ABIT site and checking heir knowledge base to seeif there are known conflicts with your board. Some of the older boards had problems with the Radeon 9500 and 9700 and the FXs, and later revisions solved that. So switching to the 9500P may not solve your problem if here is a board conflict, neither would a GFFX5600 or above. If you have a friend and can try the cards on their machine as well that would be a good testof the cards.Narrowing the source of the conflict.
    Could even be just a bad card right out of the box.

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  11. Let me just get a couple things straight to better understand you situation. What I recomend is based upon a couple assumption. I assume that your computer is not posting, meaning that you do not get a bios screen at all. if this is correct then your problem begins with the video card and the motherboard and has nothing to do with drivers of the os (to prove it unplug your harddrive and see if you have the same problem)

    My friend had a similiar problem with the same video card and motherboard. The problem was not the powersupply, but with the motherboards voltage for the AGP. The motherboard did not support the higher voltage setting for the new AGP cards.

    There should be a red light to indicate this, if this is the case. The only soluction would be to upgrade your motherboard.

    Let me know if this sheds some light on your situation, if not I have some other solutions but would need additional info.
  12. Dad told me that it must have something wrong with AGP slot, and something about probably not giving it power. The computer makes the same beeping noise if the radeon 9600pro is installed and if no grahpic card was plugged in. It is definetly not a driver issue because nothing would be displayed on the screen. Like I said, I think I'd go with a 9500pro. The new ones had Direct X 9.0 support and the cooling fan takes power from the power supply, hopefully letting my computer to actually boot up.
  13. Bought an ATI Radeon 9500pro (costs 20 bucks more than the 9600pro) and it works now. Thanks for the help.
  14. Good job. It might be that your motherboard is AGP2x, and the 9600 series is not 3.3v compatable? Just a guess, that would be a way to make the card cheaper.

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  15. Glad to hear it worked, out, but really stange.

    I'm surprised that the 9500P works, and not the 9600P, I would have thought the problems would go the other way around. Perhaps ALL the power draw along the floppy connector takes the stress off the board/agp. But that's surprising, and you definitely need a good PSU for the 9500P. Did you also get a new PSU, or are you still running on the old one?
    In the end it works and that's the most important thing. Now.... Overclock the crap out of it and fry it good. Just when you had it working..Ooops! :tongue: Just kidding!

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  16. That actually sounds like a legitimate cause of the problem b/c while the 9500pro accepts AGP 2x, the 9600pro requires at least AGP 4x...
  17. Howard, dude. The 9500 Pro has ALWAYS had DX9 support, since it first came out. But since ur comp works now, then the the 9600 Pro was probly bad.

    And also, the power connector is not just for that itty bitty fan, it supplies power to the card itself.

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  18. I know that the 9700 series and 9500 series are both AGP 1.0/2.0/3.0 compliant (ie AGP 2x/4x/8x, 3.3v/1.5v/0.8v). I don't have that information regarding the 9600 series nor 9800 series, so it was just a guess.

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  19. One other thing I'd like to mention is that AGP 1.0 and AGP 2.0 have different slot notches. Most cards have both notches so they can be used in either board. Why wouldn't they eliminate the AGP 1.0 notch in the card if it's not AGP 1.0 compliant?

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  20. CasualCat2001, My motherboard (Abit KG7 raid) does support AGP 4X, but it was the voltage that the 9600pro needed from the AGP slot that caused it not to work. My motherboard didn't supply it enough voltage as mentioned before.
  21. If it is a voltage problem, then it is because your mobo is supplying too much voltage as it takes less voltage for AGP 4x than 2x and even less for 8x. But perhaps it is actually shorting your current which would lead to insufficient power to your old 9600 pro. (P = v*i)
    Or it could be none of that, no way to really know.
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