Can only use 4X AGP on TI4200 :(

I have the new Asus A7N8X motherboard with the TI4200 128MB 8X AGP card. I enabled it in the bios and i have the nvidia chipset driver and video card drivers all updated. I try and run the 3D mark test and it says that my video card is only running in 4X. Any suggestions would help. Also I search the forums and web for this problem :-P
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  1. Boo frickin hoo.
    Cry me a river.
    8x over 4x (esp. on that card) will make no difference whatsoever for you.
    Maybe 1% in some conditions, but most of the time 0%.

    "Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
  2. Thanx for the information /crying a river
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