A good photo scanner for win 7!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking for a good photo scanner that will run good under win 7 for my dad for fathers day!

thanks if you can suggest !
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    Hi man.

    In my job we have many CANON scanners, take a look of this support Win 7 x86 and x64.

    HP has many options too and I think that all works with Win 7. Take a look of the page here
  2. CanoScan LiDE200

    Thanks Saint i'm going to order this one!!!!!!!!
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  4. Any time dude, i'm pretty sure that ur father will enjoy that scanner.
  5. Are you scanning film or photos?

    If photos, just about any flatbed scanner is fine.
    Anything made recently should support W7, as said Canon make pretty decent flatbeds.
    Check the specs on their website to be sure or simply ask your local shop.

    If you are scanning film in large quantities you will need a dedicated film scanner. Nikon make good scanners. If its just the occasional roll, you are far better off getting a shop to use their $50,000 drum scanner.
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