Battery pack modification for dell vostro A480

My batterypack died a month or so back and I opened it up an connected the positive and negative terminal to that of a 12v lead acid 7.2 AH battery but the orange indicator blinks.

I am using external charger and only want the battery to power the lappie but not charge from the lappie.

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  1. Hello Ruby24;

    Seriously, buy a replacement battery.
  2. Hi :)

    A vostro wont run on 12v lolll not without an charging inverter.....

    As said a battery...

    At least this made me laugh :) :)

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hello Brett!
    Thank you for you most liberal suggestion. Somehow i googled and found that the problem with the battery pack is not with the cells itself but the circuitry itself. this may be some dirty self destruction tech from the manufacturer. I managed to find a similar circuitry and the battery pack is now working a great deal of about a hour and half backup time.

    I am from Imphal, Which is quite an tech unexplored place and hence no good dealer nor retailer of Dell exist here hence too hard to find a good battery pack (original). none of the online sellers too delivers to my place.

    Thank you once again for ur suggesstion. :love:
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