Acer je70_hr wifi card upgrade

I want to add a dual band wifi card to my acer aspire 7750-6423
This is the motherboard info:
Motherboard : ACER JE70_HR
Southbridge : Intel HM65 rev. B2
Chipset : Intel Sandy Bridge rev. 09
I have been looking at the Intel Ultimate N 633ANHMW since it has intel cpu and controllers im hoping it will work
My other options would be to go with an updated atheros card but i can't find one with the dual band specs i would like

Your Help is greatly appreciated

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  1. hello,
    the only problem I'm seeing with your idea is for dual band wireless to work it actually needs dual antennae. If you laptop wasn't originally configured as such, I don't see a possible solution of using a dual band wifi with it.
  2. Actually the laptop does have 2 wires, but this card has 3 antennas (streams). I have already had it apart not that hard to run the wires to the side of the LCD.
    I guess I was hoping that some more people had tried and succeeded in doing this already?
    I just went through and upgraded my modem and router thinking I would be getting 450mbs (ok I knew I wouldn't get anywhere near that) speeds and lo and behold the new laptop I have which is advertised as wireless n only broadcasts on the 2.4 ghz not both and I am only seeing speeds of 70mbs not too exciting.

    Hey thanks for the help I am just going to order the intel card with the extra antenna and jump right in.

  3. make sure that you don't have other wireless devices that are not wireless N capable. Because the wireless N router will downgrade to G if you have wireless G devices trying to access it.
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