Need help new video card, asap!

Ok need some help ASAP. In about 2 hours I will be purchasing a new video card. Now the only site I will buy from is NewEgg and ontop of that I need a cheap decent card. I was looking at the Ti4200 lineup with the 8xAGP. My last card was an Asus Geforce4 Ti4200 8xAGP that didn't really overclock to well and is now burnt out.

If someone can recommend a good Geforce4 Ti4200 8xAGP card that overclocks and all that for under $150 I would appreciate it. Also 128MB ram is a requirement.

I am also available to other suggestions such as a Geforce4 Ti4400 or something. I will not go with ATi cards though.

Thank you.
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  1. spamming the forums by double posting is very irritating

    no particular card will necessarily overclock better than another (no company guarantees good overclocking) unless it has a better cooler. will you be using the reference cooler on the card? if so, i would go with leadtek, but newegg looks to be out of them at the moment, plus they have them for $149
    pretty pricey if you ask me

    <A HREF="" target="_new">411 UR 84$3 R 8310N6 2 U$</A>
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