Keyboard and mousepad not working laptop

dell inspiron e1505. XP SP3. had some malware which I removed. Then I got cute and downloaded some registry cleaner. Malware gone. Reboot. Mousepad and keyb don't work. Try to add usb mouse but cant click on ok to proceed with loading drivers. Have a BARTPE bootup disk but dont know which registry keys to edit. Boot into dell diagnostics and keyb and pad work fine. Please help. I've seen numerous references to upper filters but all threads seem to die without a response.
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  1. Safe mode?
  2. kajabla said:
    Safe mode?

    same as regular boot. Last good startup no good either.
  3. Would you be terribly averse to a fresh install? I assume you haven't backed up (today's moral).
  4. I can pop the drive and copy everything. It will be my last resort to fresh install. Thanks.
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