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please advise me on which one is better or the best among: intel pentium, AMD Dual Core and Intel Core i3 or i5 (for laptops)?
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  1. Well the AMD and I3 are both dual-core processors. The i5 is a quad core and therefor will be much better for gaming, that is if the games you are playing actually utilize all 4 cores. Some games only use 1 or 2. Mind providing some more info on the laptops you are looking into? Without a dedicated graphics card, gaming could be pretty laggy or unplayable.
  2. Laptop i5 are dual core, only laptop i7 with a "q" are quad core. You'll need to be more specific to get a better answer. You could even just give a budget for the laptop and we could give some suggestions. You'll also want to say what you will be using it for.
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