Laptop MD2614 gateway downgrade to xp

Hello guyz here is my question:

I own a gateway MD2614U that has a amd turion x2 64 bits, 120 gb 5400rpm 3 gb ddr2 ram and a dedicated 3200hd ati Gfx. it came with windows vista in somepoint someone upgraded it to win 7...

I generally use the laptop for 3 things:

microsoft office: word, powerpoint...

online poker: i play poker for a living.. i open 20 tables at the same time.

to ocassionally play HON or LOL

So my problem is when i play poker... i recently downloaded Holdem manager 2 a program used to play poker, with pokerstars lobby and table ninja...

my system cant hold it and sometimes it freezes for about 3 secs sometimes even more.

Im visiting family on USA on march so im gonna buy a new one there, since here in venezuela they are too expensive.

So do you guyz think that if a downgrade my laptop to win xp will it work better? will improvement be significant?

thanks a lot guyz.
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  1. i also want to know if ill have any problem with win xp in the near future, cheers!
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    If you going to get a new one in a month why downgrade it to XP? XP might not have the HW driver for the gateway MD2614U.

    On the min system requirement site for HM2 it said "Note: Having a fast hard drive helps Holdem Manager's performance drastically. We suggest using a 7200RPM hard drive or faster."

    Have you run disk cleanup and defrag?
  3. u think that would help ? didnt even thought about that... yeah i saw what was posted on HM2 site, thats the main reason im getting a new one... ill just do the downgrade cause its getting uncomfortable to play, and dont want to stop playing for a full month
  4. Downgrade to XP is not going to help if is a hard drive speed issue. And make sure it not running any un-necessary background program. Set the virtual memory page file to custom 2gb min and 2gb max.
  5. kk thnx ill do that and ill let you know what happens thnx a lot rgd1101
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  7. well i did it and i got 12% more performance on the hd... lets see if thats enough thanx a lot ;)
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