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Hello! I am now finally a senior at high school and getting ready to advance in education! The real problem I have here is the fact I don't know which degree I should focus. I was hoping with providing a little knowledge about myself someone may be able to point me in the right direction for my interests. I really enjoy trigonometry and any math that I can apply in a common day for various things. I am an addict for the knowledge of computer components.. I deeply enjoy hunting for upgrades for PCs and installing them into the computer. I enjoy building computers overall. I always shown an interest in Operating systems and some coding here and there however I never have been dedicated enough to completely learn a language without outside assistance. Upon purchase of an android phone I've shown interest in the mobile OS market and the power of the processors and components in the phone. The things I really don't like doing is.. Very complex Algebraic Functions (I really hate FOIL and what not ) , I really don't like long drawn out problems that require extraneous amounts of time just to get something I cannot apply (pretty much hate doing a bunch of work where there is no real result/or application of the answer). Something I forgot to mention is my love of running self hosted game servers for games. I also always wanted to make a video game of my own or code my own OS (at least attempt or make a distro of linux) I more or less do computer tech stuff as a hobby right now and my parents and friends encourage me to make a career of it so I was thinking of going into one of these fields of study and wondered what would be best. I am free to answer any questions that would help form your thoughts and any input is greatly appreciated. I just thought I could use some advice and some thoughts from experienced individuals to form my decision! Thank you for your time and I look forward to your thoughts! :D
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  1. This says it all:
    however I never have been dedicated enough to completely learn a language without outside assistance.

    A Computer Science degree is not for you. It's all about programming, which means learning languages (plural), as well as copious quantities of math.
  2. Well see I have a decent Grasp at python (even though some say it is not worthy to be considered a programming language and they call it a scripting language) and I added "without outside assistance" because I never could grasp like C++ and what not with JUST online tutorials.. If I sit and read a good book on the subject I can get it but I have not been able to self educate myself with all the current materials I have. That is why I put the "without outside assistance." that being meant as Self education.. Also I have read CEs are required to take a few programming courses.. It is not that I can't learn them I just don't learn something unless I need to apply it or have a reason to. Notice the part where stated "dedicated". In college this is sure not to be an issue as I am sure I will need to use Languages to code assignments.. I am posting here to try and get a view of what each career path entails so i can have a better idea to choose the one that suits my preferences best. I like programming (or what I have done so far) I just have issue with self educating myself and keeping after it after I learn certain aspects of it..
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