Toshiba A200-1C3 GPU

Hello! Here's what I'd like to know:

Imagine my HD2400 fries, how easy is it for me to put a new one in it? Or better yet, can I change it for a HD2600 (and is it worth it)?

Thank you
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  1. Overall, the only way to replace a bad graphics card in a laptop is to replace the entire motherboard since it's integrated. On this note, it might be cheaper just to buy a new one for laptop motherboards are not cheap since you must get the same exact one.
  2. That makes sense to me, what I don't get is why there's so many people selling used parts from this laptop, namely the GPU, if you can't use it. I always hear that you can't upgrade your GPU on most laptops, and to think that I could buy a second-hand GPU yet it had to be that precise model, made me confused.
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