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Do I need to change the motherboard to retro fit a web cam to the inspiron 1525. I can't seeaconnection on mine
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  1. Hello volvonutt5;

    Are you talking about an External Web cam?

    or replacing the internal webcam on your LCD screen?

    Does the webcam LED flicker when you power on and boot up?
  2. My laptop doesn't have an internal web cam at present, i can buy a dell camera cable & bezel on E-Bay but can't see a suitable connection on the motherboard, doIneed to change it?
  3. volvonutt5 said:
    i can buy a dell camera cable & bezel on E-Bay
    Would the bezel also have the cam and mic? Usually, it's just the frame that sits over the cam and mic, not those actual parts.
    More than likely the connection is a USB header on the MB.

    Have you ID the motherboard make and model?
    CPU-z can help with that. It will have the detail on the Mainboard tab.
  4. Hi :)

    Easier and MUCH cheaper to just add an external USB webcam as in picture above...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Hi

    Already have external webcam but purchased Dell internal camera along with some parts I needed to totally rebuild my daughters laptop after she dropped it. Have had laptop totally apart & replaced bottom cover, top cover, DC power socket, Wi Fi aerials & DVD player. Machine now back together & running fine but just wondered about motherboard because I couldn't see a suitable connection for a camera

    From info on CPU-Z Motherboard is a Dell 0U990C, Chipset Intel GM965 Southbridge Intel 82801HBM (ICH8-ME)
  6. In case you're still wondering, give this page a look: Inspiron 1525 Webcam mod
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