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Anyone know the clock speeds of the Powercolor 9200 256mb?


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  1. I didn't even know that card existed. I'll check...

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  2. Googlegear.com has it for sale under their 256mb card area, they link you to Powercolor's webpage.

    I think its pretty decent for $150.. Im just a sucker for large numbers like "256"

  3. the core should be standard 9200 but the memory is likely to be same as 128 or slower... sorry cant be more precise but I have 3 minutes b4 the building closes...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  4. Hmm, I didn't know that card existed either.

    So, you're a sucker for big numbers and so you fall into the same marketing CRAP that every other idiot Christmas shopping at Best Buy does.

    Don't do it dude!

    For $10 dollars more you could get a 9600 Pro for cryin out loud, its WAY better!

    Even 128mb of ram for a 9200/9000 series card is debatable, but I won't argue it.
    In fact, I bet you that the 256 9200 pro is actually SLOWER than the 128 model, because of additional memory latencies, that aren't compensated by increased clock speeds. I could be wrong on that though.

    See, the card just isn't fast enough for you to be able to run at resolutions and settings that would ever use that much ram, get what I'm saying? Its debatable whether even the 9800 Pro can take advantage of 256mb of ram!

    If youre looking for a budget card, get a 9000 Pro, 9100, or 9200 Pro (128mb).

    You were smart enough to come here and ask about it, now please take out (yes our, I'm assuming some of my buddies will get on and agree with me) advice and DON'T GET THE 256MB MODEL! In fact, for 10-20 dollars more you can have yourself a 9600 Pro! WOW!

    Hey wow guys! I did it! I managed not to flame him! :)

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  5. ditto on what willamette says
    when i ask my friends what video card they have they're like "i dunno, but it's got 64mb of memory..." that's all people seem to rate video cards on...i'm thinking "i used to have a TNT2 64mb...memory means nothing, by itself"
    and dude, you DON'T NEED 256MB unless you're playing at 2056x1538 or whatever the hell the resolutions are way up there.

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  6. Hooah to that, gentlemen. DON'T BE A SUCKER!!! If we were suckers like that, we'd all own FX5800 Ultras. Wow, that would SUCK.

    Tit for tat, butter for fat, ATi's dog kicks nVidia's cat

    (Maximum PC)

    this reminds me of the 128meg MX400s

    uselessness defined


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  8. Quote:
    For $10 dollars more you could get a 9600 Pro for cryin out loud, its WAY better!

    Adding to that one shouldn't forget that the Radeon 9000 and 9200 even are not based on the R3x0 architecture but on the older R2x0 (--> Radeon 8500). These are not DX9 cards! You're much better of with a Radeon 9500 or 9600.
  9. Hey all
    I have a 9700np 275/270 OC to 300/300

    Im in no hurry to buy the 9200. I might get one to replace a GTS Pro in my dad's computer.. thats all..
    I was just curious what speeds that 256mb ver was running at.

  10. Ok, but even then do your dad a favour and buy the beter card R9600P or the cheaper card. R9100-128.

    In answer to your question, it's probably the same speeds as the 9200-128mb version 250/200(400). Remember it's not a pro, ad all the reviews of the 9200Non-pro put it well behind the 9100/8500 and the 9000Pro even.

    <A HREF="http://www.legionhardware.com/html/doc.php?id=247" target="_new">HERE</A>'s a link to a review of the Gigabyte 9200 I assume it's the same speeds. And like WS says the 256 is likely of little use.

    I'd say your best options are a 9100-128mb for less than $80 or an R9600P for just a few bucks more than the 9200-256.

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