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Looking to do a quick upgrade on my video card. I have a DVI-I Ezio flat panel, XP etc. Do some light gaming around, lots of video work and images.

Thinking around the $100-$150 range, I currently use a GeForce2 Ultra 64MB. Great card in it's day, which was some time back now...

Looking around with the marketing numbers games it is hard to know what is truly better than another. Is for instance a Ti4600 128MB still better than a Ti4200, and would a 5200 beat both - I suspect not since it is cheaper.

I use a 4xAGP board (Tyan MPX).

I have a link on a refurbed MSI Ti4500 for $159 or ATI9600 for $179, which is getting a bit steeper than I'd like.

The 4600 ships with Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Aqua Nox, No One Lives Forever: The Operative, Sacrifice which looks like a good value bundle to me for $159.

Thoughts around this mark appreciated.

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  1. A 5200 would get it's ass kicked by a Ti4200.

    Your best bets in their price categories, from worst to best, are:

    Geforce4 Ti 4200
    Radeon 9500 PRO/9600 PRO
    Radeon 9700
  2. For $150 dollars, he would only be able to afford the Ti4200 out of that group.

    3DMark 03 = 4,183
    <A HREF="http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=932041" target="_new">http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=932041</A>
    <font color=red>AthlonXP 2100+/Radeon 9500Pro</font color=red>
    <font color=red>Folding for Beyond 3D</font color=red>
  3. Thanks for the advice, I pulled the trigger on a reconditioned MSI Ti4400 - $120 which seemed a good price. Comparing max 3dmark01s for a 1400-1450Mhz AthlonXP/MP we get (I know they are probably overclocked, but as long as they are all overclocked I figure the ratio of growth is representative since I wanted to force-rank)

    GeForce2 Ultra 5511
    Ti4200 11375
    Ti4400 11582
    Ti4600 11558
    Radeon 9600 9158 (not many entries)
    Radeon 9700/9500 12241

    It isn't the latest or greatest, but for $120 I figure it is almost 2x the performance of what I've got. In another year or two I'l get a $120 9700pro or similar and step up $200-$300 under the leading edge since my gaming needs are not that heavy.

    Thanks all

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    To the gentleman in the pink Tutu
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