Recommend a decent laptop for around 570 euros

Hello, I'm looking for a decently powerful machine for around 570 euros. I'm in a pretty remote location (Latvia, Europe), so I don't an absurd lot of possibilities. I'm going to be using it mostly when I'm at university, but I also need a proper GPU. I've heard ThinkPads have pretty good build quality, but my only manufacturer preference is anything that isn't Acer. I know people who've problems with their build quality. I'm probably going for 15.6" (native 1366 x 768) screen and something that isn't lacking in one department (a lot of great laptops have, for some reason, 3GB ram, which adds extra expenses if I want to upgrade that).

So far I've found these two to be pretty okayish:

Link in Latvian
GT 540M
484 EURO

Link in Latvian
GT 540M
564 EURO

I'm pretty sure they've got the model wrong (it looks more like K53SV), but I could be terribly wrong.

As you can see, it's a solid 80 euro difference. The only thing that's different between the laptops is the processor (and benchmarks don't show a HUGE improvement, they both have similar clock speed) and the RAM.

Are those decent deals, and what can you suggest? Maybe something completely different? (I'm okay with ordering at big international chains that ship here (, etc)).
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  1. Hello Tehdude

    Asus A53SV is the correct model number (even if you can't find it on the main Asus website).
    From the Asus website for Malaysia

    In your budget range it's going to be hard to find any LCD resolutions other than the standard 1366x768.

    i3 vs i5 vs +80€. Your choice. But I think i3 and 80€ in your pocket is a good deal.
    There is nothing the i5 can do that the i3 can't also do.

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M review
    Intel Core i3-2330M review
    Intel Core i5-2430M review
  2. Thanks for the reply! I was indeed wrong then about the model. I'm also perfectly fine with that resolution.

    Haven't decided yet, but if the i3 model had 4gb ram I'd grab that.
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