How do you plug in a wireless computer into a LAN line

I have a laptop computer in my home and I have wireless. I would like to use my computer and my mother's house but she has a LAN line instead of wireless (I think Road Runner). How can I use my laptop at her house? Thanks. Lyn
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  1. Hello lew65;

    You'll need to add a wireless router between the PC and the cable modem.
  2. If the cable modem is also a router, you could plug into the ports on the back of it with an Ethernet cable.

    What model number is the cable modem Lew? Ie, are you sure that it does not have wireless?
  3. I'm reading about Road Runner, and it looks like they already include a wireless router as part of their standard hook-up, as do most now.

    So the unit that you mother has should also be a wireless router. (it should be one device, but might be two different devices around the computer).
    Find out the model number of the unit and post here.
  4. Road runner give you two options...

    #1 - You get a wired modem. The one I have only allows you to attach a single device. I got mine hooked up to a wireless router. I don't really use the wireless aspect of it since a wired network offers much higher transfer rates. Important to me when I sometimes transfer gigabytes of data between my two PC and laptop.

    #2 - You get a wireless modem. Basically means you do not need to buy a wireless router, but it costs an extra $6 - $7 per month. That's $72 - $84 per year. My friend got talked into getting a wireless modem by Time Warner / Road Runner even though she already has a wireless router. I told her to swap it in for a normal wired modem so she doesn't waste money.
  5. the Wideband (50 MB) service includes the wifi without a charge....and lets you hook-up 6 devices per their website.
    Anyhow, we're not sure what the mother has.
  6. I have no idea how much it area is not covered by RoadRunner apparantly. lol
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