Help needed with a workstation solution.

Hey everybody,
I have a friend who is looking for a new workstation. He needs to have 4 monitors connected to the computer(share the screens). I'm not exactly sure how this can be accoplished. So, my question is, which vid card would you suggest for this task?
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  1. Matroxs. Get PCI versions and ONE Dual DVI AGP version. I know they have multi monitor support for more than just 2-3 monitors. In fact I have seen many examples of people setting up video walls with them (9,12,20 monitors).
    You would have to contact Matrox to get the specific details. They are also GREAT picture quality cards, just don't expect any gaming on them.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE's</A> a link to their 4 monitors on one card (G200 MMS) review from digit-life. I believe there is also a G100 that supports 4 monitors too.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE's</A> the link to Matrox's page with a description of the G450MMS in X2 and X4 (4 moniotrs) configuration. Click on the 'Graphics Cards' link if you wanna look at the G200 MMS also at their site.

    And for an ATI solution (must ALWAYS have an ATI solution or I don't get's my kickbax! :wink: ) <A HREF="" target="_new">These Guys</A> Colorgraphic (stoopid American spelling! Where's my U?) has a multi-montior solution for up to 8 monitors with their Xentera lines (2 and 4 monitors as well).

    Anwyhoo that would be my recommendation. The G450MMS X2 if he can afford it would offer him an all in one solution with no hassle of multiple cards and multiple drivers, same goes for the Xentera. Anything else would likely involve alot of tweaking. First the G450/200/100mms, and then the Xentera 4, and then all other comers

    Just my two frames worth.

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