Windows XP as the OS on Tosh Sat A200

Hi Guys and Gals,
This is my first post so I hope I get it across right.

My grandaughters machine is a Toshiba Satellite A200-1AI. It was packaged with Vista. She being a sensible girl wants
Windows XP as her OS. How do I go about it, I have the correct cd but need the machine to boot (it is a bootable copy)

Please help. ;)
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  1. Check the BIOS and make sure the boot order has the CD drive ahead of the HDD, put the CD in, boot from it, and start the install.
  2. You can also watch the screen as the machine is starting up. It should say something like press F10 or F12 for boot menu or some such. From there you can select the CD/DVD drive to boot from.
  3. I personally would not downgrade to XP, but to each his own.
    You stated that you have a cd for XP, but do you have license for it that is not being used by another computer or laptop?

    I would also make sure that you do not wipe-out any recovery partition that the laptop might have on it. Some will let you make a set of Recovery DVD(s) as a backup; I would do that if I were you, so that you have something to go back on just in case something gets screwed-up; At least you can go back to the factory image and not have to buy another operating system send away for recovery disks.
  4. all win xp support end april 2014
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