Radeon 9800 help needed

Some help would be appreciated here. I had a geforce 4 ti4400 and I uninstalled the drivers and put in the radeon 9800. The computer boots up fine, and I then install the catalyst drivers and reboot. Well, when it reboots the screen is down to 640x480 or something and it starts giving me "can't write to disk errors for this or that log file, information lost" a whole bunch errors and then it finally, after a long period of time, gets to the normal screen with icons(of course everything is too big) but its now stuck and wont move anywhere. If I stick in my old nvidia, everything works again. Also, the 9800 works before I install the drivers. I tried getting the latest catalyst from ati, and reinstalling my AGP drive. Help!!
Epox 8k3a motherboard
athlon xp 2200
300W power supply
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  1. odds-on your nvidia drivers are not completely removed from your system and so trying to install ATI drivers will screw it up... only real option to fix this that I know of is to reinstall windows...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  2. Hmmm a poor old 300W psu powering a 9800pro LOL! Brings back memories.... I seriously advise getting a better psu even if thats not the cause of your problems now, it soon will be....

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