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I need help deciding between two laptops based on some opinions of machine reliability and cpu/gpu. I'm down to these two, so I'd just like some help deciding on these, not offered another opinion on a different system.

I'm deciding between a MSI gt780 with a I7 2630QM 2.0Ghz chip (w/ turbo boost) and a GTX 560m and an alienware M17xR2 with a I7 940XM extreme chip 2.2 ghz w 3.3 turbo boost and radeon 5870M in crossfire.

-I'll pretty much only be playing SC2 and it doesn't really support crossfire/SLI so for all practical purposes the alienware qould be equivalent to 1 5870m radeon.

-I can upgrade ram on either and will be putting a SSD in either, so these are my real factors here.

So my real questions are:

-Is the 940XM a really great chip because its the extreme edition or is the other one better? is there a big difference?

-Is alienware reliability really that sketchy? from reading a bit MSI seems great but alienware seems very mixed reviews.

Thanks so much for the input & help
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  1. The 560m can play sc2 on ultra. Both cpus are about the same performance but the 2630qm uses less power and with nvidia optimus, so does the gpu; and a lot less since 5870m are cf. A single 560m is better than a single 5870m but only by a little so cf put those ahead quite a bit if a game supports it. Both laptops are see good ratings. What is the price of each?
  2. Both are about $1000 or so on eBay. Originally I really wanted Alienware because I've always wanted one but as i started researching it I was surprised to read so much negative feedback I saw about Alienware laptops and you really are paying for a name rather than internals. Now I'm leaning more towards Msi since the internals are much better for the buck, still has a cool design and backlight keyboard and an overclock button. However I'm still a bit of a sucker for wanting that Alienware design. I'd be pissed to spend $1000 on a laptop though and a year from now start having blue screens or crap like that

    I often don't game at all and will probably never play anything besides Starcraft2. So reliability is far more important and has to be the bottom line for me
  3. Ever since dell bought alienware, its nothing but marketing now. Asus is the brand now or going with someone custom like sager. I personally wouldn't buy a $1000 laptop off ebay. You should be able to find new for around the same price/specs.
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