Okay, I'm doing it -- 9700P or 9800P - Help me!

I am today or tomorrow AM buying a new video card to replace my GF4ti4200 and I am either going with the 9700PRO or the 9800PRO.

I guess I need you guys to help me with a push in one direction or the other. I *technically* can afford either but is the extra 100$ worth it? Are there any games pushing hard enough to need a 9800PRO? I see some features like "unlimited shader length" but no games use that (not even Doom 3 -- hell DX9 and the OpenGL cant handle it) so by the time that kinda stuff is around there will be all new cards. But is the 9700 ballsy enough? Can you overclock it to make it run like a stock 9800pro?

I guess I'm asking you all if you had the cash (but remember this isn't free money here -- think "value" not just "frags") what would you go with?

I am into OC so I'm not scared to overclock if neccessary.

Really need your guys help -- I have read at least 5 million reviews today and most of them say the 9700pro is too close to justify the etra 100 -- btu it is a more powerful card that's for sure.

And here is my rig if that needs to figure in:
Athlon XP2500+ (barton)
512 PC27000 RAM (I had one gig but my system was runninf *tempermental* so I memtest86'd both my sticks 1 was perfect 0 errors the other had 7453 erros -- no joke [and the fricggin waranty expired 10 days ago])
GB GA-7vaxp
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  1. The decision is ultimately yours. I would get the 9800Pro.

  2. Most of those reviews deal more with upgrading. I mean, it's not worth spending $400 if you already own a 9700 Pro. A video card is an investment. The 9800 would last you longer. The F-buffer helps in any game that uses long shader code, it's not just some added asset. If you can afford it, I say go 9800Pro.

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  3. you could buy a 9700p, OC it and get another 512 meg of ram !
  4. i agree

    the 9700pro is 90% as fast as a 9800pro in most areas. others less others more

    the shader engine on the 9700pro is already much faster than the GFFX line. heck, even the 9600pro usually renders pixel shaders faster than the 5800ultra

    unlimited shader length? hm.... hard to say. by the time games use long shader programs you might have to upgrade your video card anyways.
    BUTT DX10 is a year away. This might push developers to advance faster than they have in teh past. So it might be useful to have the features of teh 9800pro , may save you from being forced to upgrade

    tough call. personally i would get teh 9700pro. because its a steal, and you are getting one of teh fastest video cards available. if i had teh money, i might get a 9800pro...... but that extra 100 might be good to put towards a new processor which is equally useful


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  5. "BUTT?" HAHAHAHA!!!

    Tit for tat, butter for fat, ATi's dog kicks nVidia's cat

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  6. I really don't think you can lose here.

    Go with your heart.
  7. I say get a Voodoo3 3500 and play GLquake.

    I also say -don't listen to anything i have to say-

  8. i dont think anyone does anyways


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  9. Quote:


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