help me make a decision!

I am consider these 4 gfx card right now


$192 MSI (MS-8894-010) G4Ti4200-VTD8X 128MB DDR 8xAGP w/TV & VIVO
$229 MSI (MS-8900) G4Ti4800SE-VTD8X 128MB DDR AGP w/TV & VIVO
$259 ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB DDR AGP8X w/S-Video & DVI-I Box
$289 ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB DDR AGP8X w/S-Video & DVI-I Box

I have two concerns, hope you experts out there can help me out.

1. which card listed above will give me the most bang for my buck?

2. which card will last the longest?

thank you in advance
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  1. The Radeons will give you more bang for your buck any day. Not sure if you can still get the 9500 Pro (slightly faster than a 9600 Pro from what I gather). You could get a 9600 Pro then overclock slightly.

    GF4's are OK (I have one) but why invest in yesterday's news today?

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  2. From what you have above there's two answers I have for ya'

    Price/Performance = 9600Pro

    Performance = 9500Pro

    Which one do you want? The performance of the 9500Pro is slightly better than the 9600Pro at stock speeds, but there is a $30+GST+PST(depnding on Prov.) diff (I assume you're in Canada based on prices). I am a little biased. But if you can afford the 9500Pro, go for it, if you are wishing to spend the $30s elsewhere then get the 9600Pro. Depends on your constraints.

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  3. The geforce 4's are out dated already, they don't like direct x 9 at all. The 9500 should see you good for a while.

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  4. 1. I think the Ti4200 also deserves consideration for best price/performance, in addition to the 9600 PRO

    2.9500 PRO will definitely give you the longest utility.

    These prices seem high. You in Canada?
  5. thanx you for all ur replies, yeah, i live in Canada, so there's like 14% sale tax here, and the prices are in CDN

    I am not building this system for hardcore gaming. That's when my xbox comes in play :P This system will be used in my dorm, so i will only play games occasionally on it.

    Many ppl includig my friends keep telling me to get a card that support DX9.

    But is there a big difference between games taking advantage of DX9 and not? What's the future like for DX9? Will it be so important for gaming?

    thanks to all the xperts
  6. If it's for occasional gaming, the Ti4200 should be more than good enough.

    DX9 isn't really going to do all that much for you. A DX9 card will run upcoming games a bit faster and offer some exclusive visual effects.

    But for the most part, DirectX 8 was a way bigger jump from DirectX 7 because it introduced pixel and vertex shaders.

    DirectX 9 still uses Pixel and Vertex shaders like DirectX 8, they're just more powerful.

    Bottom line: DirectX 8 cards are sufficient for a casual gamer.
  7. mm, maybe i should go with Ti4800SE , it's a bit faster than ti4200 and it will only cost $30 more CDN.

    Or I can get a $40 cheaper case (not aluminum,but with 350 watt power supply), and get 9500 pro

    i am still deciding.
  8. Quote:
    If it's for occasional gaming, the Ti4200 should be more than good enough.

    Give the Ti4200 more credit then that please. I would say that for occasional gaming, an MX440 is good enough. If your going to be playing alot of games utilizing PS 2.0, then you better get a DX9 card. How many games do we play that are using PS 2.0?.....none in my current inventory.

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    To make Genetic Weapon happy, I make the following modifications to my previous statement: (Changes are signified by bold text)


    <b>Considering only the card's you've listed</b>, if it's for occasional gaming, the Ti4200 should be more than good enough.


    To my defence, I do point out that I had the adjective "MORE" in my original statement, to signify that it is my opinion that the Ti4200 is MORE than good enough.

    Good day to you, my forum friends.
  10. Only occasional gaming? anyone who games <b>alot</b> should only buy cards <b>better</b> then a Ti4200?

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  11. Yes.

    Assuming they can afford it.

    And depending on the games they play.
  12. Oh, ok.
    Remember though that 80%+ of the gaming population is still using GeForce2 class cards. Or so say's the Futuremark database.

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  13. Agreed, GW.

    Actually, probably more people are using older cards. They're just too embarrased to run 3dmark on 'em.
  14. The three friends that I hang out with that are into computers have poor video cards. Well, one of them is using a dual gpu VooDoo still, which I admire him for.

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  15. Man! He's gotten his money's worth out of that board, for sure.

    I've got a buddy running a Rage PRO. Although I don't admire him, it's more like pity.

    But he's not exactly rich, and is on the list of people who get hardware whenever I upgrade. :)
  16. Lol, one of my friends get's all my hand-me-downs....cpu's, old memory, yada yada...

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