Help! AGP 4x vs AGP 8x

I have an ATi RADEON 9700pro 128mb...

It is an 8xAGP Card.

I found out today that my mboard only supports up to 4x AGP.

Does that mean I am only using half my vid card's capabilities?

I am considering buying a mBoard that has 8x AGP because of that.

Should I??? Is the difference noticeable?

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  1. An AGP 4x motherboard is not really a limitation.

    AGP 8x is hardly an improvement to AGP 8x because video cards are still having trouble saturating the bandwidth that AGP 4x offers.

    In short, you won't see a difference. 4x AGP is fine.

    Hope this helps,

    - Cleeve
  2. I agree. Theres no difference unless you use extreme resolutions, and then its only 1-2%....

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  3. Right now you will see no difference. Games these days can't take advantage of AGP 4X let alone AGP8X. In upcoming games such as DoomIII and Half Life 2 you might see a difference.
  4. MAN we see this post a lot... I guess people just don't read all the posts. No big deal. These guys are right.

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  5. So is running the aperture at 8X advisable to running it at 4X? Or should one stick to 4X even if the 8X is available?

  6. If you have the option to use 8x AGP, use it. Why not?
  7. Yeah, there's no reason NOT to run 8x when you can, but no reason to worry if you can't. Today, 8x will give you a frame here, a frame there, and in the future, will create some noticeable (albeit small) differences.

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