Problem With MSI GF4TI4200 64mb.

I've got this strange problem with two MSI GF4TI4200 64mb's.
When I first got them I had random lockups with severe graphical errors (Large coloured squares on the screen) and the only way to get rid of them was to shut the computer down and restart. But I could have lived with that. But what I am experiencing now is quite another tale of horror and woe. To be able to play 3D games I must downclock the cards from stock 250/500 to 170/370.

If not the games/screensaver/Whatsnot crashes after 1sec to 1 minute. And this is really pissing me off.
I've searched for answers everywhere and I'm quite out of options. I was just wondering If any of you have had any similar problems.

And yes, the fans are working.

One card is on a XP1800+ MSI mb and the other on a XP2000+ Asus mb. And nothing I do helps.

Any Ideas?

- Paul AT
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  1. My first instinct is to ask what kind of power supply you are running. But then it would be helpful to just list all of your basic system specs (motherboard model #, CPU, RAM [brand, speed, and amount], and power supply). Based on the information you provided my answer is "I don't know".

    But that's just me. :cool:

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  2. Well, I've thought of that.

    PC 1:
    Athlon XP1800+
    MSI KT3 Ultra
    256 mb DDR266 noname ram
    Soundblaster Live!
    Noname 100mbit network.
    300W PSU.

    PC 2:
    Athlon XP2000+
    Asus a7v8x
    256 mb Noname DDR400 ram
    noname 100mbit network.
    360W Antec PSU

    One more thing, these cards have never been overclocked.

    - Paul AT

    Help Help! I'm bloody screaming for help here.

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