ABIT Siluro GeForce FX 5200 Problem. Please Help!

I just bought a new cheap Graphics card for one of my computers.
An ABIT Siluro GeForce FX5200.

The drivers that came with the card makes my XP installation crash and restart, so I check the ABIT site for a later version, but doesnt find any.
I then download the latest drivers from the nvidia site, and everything seems to work fine.

I install and play a game or 2, and then restart my computer. Now I get the error the the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM file is missing or corrupt.
The is the SYSTEM registry file. Now I can reinstall or restore the file from a backup, and it will start up again.

I thinkits the nvidia driver thats the problem, because as long as I dont install it the computer works fine. But the problem is that I cant play any games at all!

Anyone have heard of any problem like this, or have any ideas what the problem is?

Right now Im thinkin about buying an ATI card instead, as Im used to. This is my first GeForce, and so far it sucks.


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  1. Whenever I lose Window's, thats the error message I get. I also would like to know the main cause of it. Although it hasnt happened in about 4 months, it was happening about once a month for me. Frustrating.

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